Wimbledon 2009

No Rafa? Well crap! I guess we can chalk up Grand Slam #15 for Federer right now.

No Blake either (lost in the first round)…what keeps his ranking so high anyway?

I do not like the guy one bit but I can see Murray really being a legitimate threat this time around.

I’ll be well behind Federer, though.

No idea re Blake, but when he’s on he’s a monster. It’s a shame he’s out so soon.

Long profile in the New York Times magazine about Nadal this weekend. My favorite quote: “‘Every tennis lover would like, someday, to play like Federer,’ Philippe Bouin told me. ‘But every man wants to be Rafael Nadal. Which is different.’”

I would love to see Murray win, but my sceptical British mind only acknowledges inevitable defeat.

Murray has a winning record against Fed, so could cause issues if they meet. Whether he could handle the pressure of the moment + expectations of the British crowd is another matter, though. Fed seems to be a strong favorite.

They’d meet in the finals, though. I don’t see Fed losing to Murray in the finals at Wimbledon. I think Fed’s biggest worry is just running into a hot player earlier in the draw.

It’s too bad about Nadal. I think he should have played, even if it was likely he would lose. He can take months off after the US Open in August to rehab his knees. How often do you get to defend at Wimbledon?

Well, you push an injury and it can get worse. Tendonitis not so much, but if it swells and you pinch something it can take a long time to recover (I’ve had it from volleyball).

Also, knowing he can’t really compete he frees up a slot in the draw for someone else’s dream to come true.

I understand all that, but still it’s Wimbledon and you are the defending champ. Even if you are 90%, don’t you play? Federer didn’t withdraw from the Aussie due to mono in 2008.

I think you focus on the majors, play, and then rest and heal after they are over. Nadal could play through August and then not play again until January, which is when I think the Aussie Open takes place.

I don’t mean this as a severe criticism. But Tiger played the US Open last year on one leg. Jordan played an NBA finals game with the flu and needed IVs at halftime. Lots of professional athletes play at less than 100%. I don’t see it being all that harmful to Nadal to play and win a round or two before losing, or guts it out to see how far he can go.

Personally, I commend Nadal for taking care of his body instead of chasing another title which will be there next year. OTOH, if he doesn’t take care of his body, he probably won’t get this title or the next one because he’s beaten himself up. These people aren’t Superman no matter how it may seem. Jordan taking IV’s was not a long term issue, he couldn’t do damage to his body playing after taking IV’s. Tiger has already admitted that playing on one leg lengthened his rehab, so again, if he doesn’t play on one leg, perhaps we see him back earlier than the Masters.

Good job Andy Roddick, try not to flame out early, please.

Andy Murray is struggling with the weight of the UK on his shoulders.

Sharapova is out, I’m glad actually, her screaming annoys me terribly.

Sam Querrey has been annointed as the next great American by the ESPN commentators. Playing well on Center Court right now.

Serena and Roger move through to the next round easily today.

I enjoy watching the crowd shots at Wimbledon, the way people scale walls and fences to peak into a court is great.

Not a huge fan of Murray’s I don’t really like his attitude. Bring back Tiger Tim!

Day 4. Roddick won. Murray kicking Gulbis’s ass. (So far.) Hewitt won.

Week 2 starts now! I’m still interested, anyway.

Federer still solid, beating Soderling in straights in the fourth round (a rematch of the French Open final). Djokovic looking good, Murray looking very good.

Match of the tournament so far, IMO, was Gonzalez versus Juan Carlos Ferrero – epic 5-set battle full of great shotmaking, both players digging deep.

Murray won the first indoor night match at Wimbledon. 5 setter.

Federer is in the semis now, against 31 year old Tommy Haas. While I wouldn’t say that’s a walk in the park for Federer, he should handle Haas. Twenty-one consecutive semi-finals in the majors for Federer, now. That’s really an incredible streak.

Djokovic lost to Haas. As good as Djokovic is, he seems to lose a lot of matches to players he should beat.

Roddick against Hewitt and he’s up a set, and Murray against Ferrero. Those pairings should result in a good semi-final match too.

Roddick and Hewitt split first two sets, Roddick crushes Hewitt in third set tie-break.

Yeah Roddick! Wow, finally.

— Alan