Win 2000 and domains question

I’m switching over a bunch of PC’s from a workgroup to a domain. After switching them, I’m loosing the user settings, icons desktop stuff exc.
Any way to make the switch without resetting all this stuff?

Note all these machines are logged in under Administrator, if that makes a difference.

You can copy the old profile (collection of settings and icons and stuff) into the new profile (by adding the PC’s into a domain there is a new profile created for each user that logs into the domain; these ‘domain’ profiles are separate from the original ‘local’ profiles).

  • Right-click on the desktop My Computer icon and select properties then go to the User Profiles tab.
  • Click on the original profile which will be named something like: PCNAME\Administrator, then click on the ‘Copy To’ button.
  • Choose the directory of the new profile under C:\Documents and Settings, it will probably be named something like username.domainname
  • Click OK (at least I think it’s the OK button, my memory is a bit hazy).

One thing to remember. You must be logged in on an account that has local administrator privileges and the account must not be using the source or destination directory. This might mean you will need to create a temporary administrative account to accomplish this task.