Win XP - Directories keep changing properties (ex. music folder)

I’m getting angry with my file system. I have all my directories organized my type (not using My Docs folders). So on ym secondary drives I have a dedicated Music Directories, Picture directories, Movie Directories etc.

For some reason, I go and set ojne directory as photos (see pic below), and then my music folders reset to generic. Though I’m assigning these settings to individual folders and their subfolders, XP keeps “losing” preferences. Anyone familiar with this issue?

I’ve seen that. Never found the fix, though.

When I played with the Vista RTM, it decided to change the root of my C: drive to pictures, or something.

When you bring up the properties of the C: drive, there is no Customize tab.


I think you should consider using your personal space on the HDD instead of the root directory. Vista kind of enforces the same restrictions that Unix / Linux has had for years.

You have your home folder and everything goes under there. You never make a root folder and just cram your data wherever you want. It takes some getting used to considering windows users have had free run of the entire system since the very beginning.

There is also a common area folder you can put stuff in for everyone’s use.

XP only sets aside enough memory for so many folder customizations. After you reach that number, it starts forgetting older customizations.

Download the TweakUI PowerToy, go to the Explorer section, click Customizations, and increase the “Folders to remember” value to a much higher number. I think that might solve your problem.

Wow, thanks Denny! I’m going to go do that now. It’d be interesting to have a simple compilation of material Mencia has “borrowed” from other people. It’s kind of sad there are a lot of better comedians out there that should be on Comedy Central instead of this guy.

Thanks, Denny. That’s probably the most useful Windows tip I’ve gotten off this board. Leave it to somebody on the Windows team, I guess…

Denny, If I crank that way up… how much extra memory usage am I looking at? Is it referring to RAM or disk space? I have 2 Gig of RAM… is it possible it will slow my system down?

Hit edit on the wrong post, or am I on crack?

Honestly, it’s been so long since I adjusted the value, I don’t remember the details. (This isn’t something I had inside info on from work, just something I discovered tweaking my own system.)

FWIW, I’m using a setting of 1200 on a 2GB system and all is well.

OH man!!! Hehehe - that’s embarassing! Yea, edited the wrong post there.

Thanks again Denny. I’ll crank my # up to 1,200 too.