Win2k question

i just found out my AMD is fried. so i plan to get a new P4 and a motherboard… but will my win2k os be affected in any ways ? will i need to reinstall the os and all the software along with it ?

Yes, definitely wipe the hard disk and reinstall the OS. Chances are just too good that Windows won’t properly reconfigure itself to the new chipset otherwise. (The changed motherboard is the problem, not the CPU.)

Probably the safest bet is to buy a new HD of equal or greater size than your current HD.

Next, build your new machine and reinstall XP etc.

Finally, take the old HD and put it into the new machine as the slave drive.

Copy all your stuff over.

Also…WinXP does have a sort of semi-useful “file and settings transfer wizard” thing that you can use. If you don’t know how to manaully transfer settings and email etc it can really help.

w2k or winXP? If so, you can install new chipset drivers without wiping the hard disk. After you put the new MB in, stick the Windows CD in the drive and boot from it. When it asks you the first time if you want to repair, select NO. Select the INSTALL option instead. The set up program will detect your existing installation and ask again if you want to repair. This time, select YES.

I’ve done this. It works.

IMO, that’s really bad advice. Conventional wisdom is to reinstall the OS when you swap out the motherboard.

IMO, that’s really bad advice. Conventional wisdom is to reinstall the OS when you swap out the motherboard.[/quote]

Honestly, I think that “when in doubt, reinstall” is the best policy. It really isn’t that big of a deal to just reinstall Windows, and it can potentially save you a ton of problems.

If you want to switch motherboard the main thing you’ve got to do is change the IDE controller back to “Standard” before switching.

Otherwise you get the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error when it can’t find the exact brand of ide controller.

A full reinstall is not necessary.

You don’t have to reinstall. Do this.

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What about recovery console ? will that help in this situation ?

problem is win2k… i will have to wipe the (logical) drive if i want to reinstall win2k again…

and since my cpu just gave up working so without prior knowledge that i am upgrading, i really cannot do anything with the resgistery now…

thanks guys for the advices etc. appreciate it :wink: