Win7x64: corrupt usb - can't install new usb devices?

win7-64-bit: existing usb devices work fine.

but i can’t install a new usb audio headset (corsair) even in different usb ports. tried 3 creative labs and corsair headsets. thought it was 3 bad headsets but i suspect it’s my usb drivers corrupted somehow.

i get an immediate error code 28, and it can’t find the drivers. i had this problem a long time ago with vista, something about the registry being corrupt w/ the usb somehow but can’t seem to find the fix.

any ideas?

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

has removing upperfilters and lowerfilters ever fixed things for anyone?

might be a corrupt driverstore. :/

fuck. it’s my windows since the usb headset works and detects as a hd audio device on another computer. something about windows is just causing it to detect ‘no driver’ available.

Bah, here’s the recap:

mobo: P8H67-I Deluxe mobo

Works on another PC (detects as HD audio device) but does not detect on this, my main gaming PC. Upon insertion, thinks for a few seconds and fails (red x) Device driver software was not successfully installed.

Clicking for status/details shows “red X no driver found”

In Device Manager, on the device with yellow exclamation mark. Right-click, Properties for details and it goes “no driver found”

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Right-click, Update Driver and pointing it to unpacked contents of 1.1 drivers and browsing to “USB112-110929-8.2150(W7-ER)WHQL\SoftwareDriver” doesn’t even work. Having it search online through Windows Update does not find anything either.

Backstory: had a HS1USB headset (the 1500’s predecessor) for years that I loved. It broke physically with the plastic. Uninstalled v1.1 of Corsair drivers for HS1USB. Bought 2 Creative Sound Blaster Tactics 3D Sigma USB headsets–they didn’t detect either upon insertion of the USB dongle. Returned first one, tried another. No dice either. Before or after installation of Creative.

Bought a Corsair Vengeance 1500. Same problem so figured my USB device was broken not the 2 Tactic 3D headsets or the Corsair. Obviously, my Windows 7’s ability to detect/identify USB devices is bjorked. Existing devices work still. For now.

WORKAROUND: I can override driver install with “Let me pick a list of device drivers” and choose the category of “Sound, video, game controller” and then point it to the 1.1 driver. I then get sound.

HOWEVER, the Corsair program installer (InstallShield) will still fail (after the Vengeance 1500 is installed by the above workaround) with just:

Install error: The system has not been modified.

Finding CMInstall.log in C:\windows emp\ shows only

install failed!

This is driving me nuts. I’ve tried uninstalling KB2709162, done a clean boot, tried different usb powers, hub, not-on-hub, powered off PC to discharge electricity, blahblahblah, emptying the driverstore, rebooting, deleting upper and lower filters but at this point I’m resigned to not fixing my detection issue and settling for the ability to forcefully install the Corsair-customized C-Media system tray software if that’s at all possible. :(

Did you unplug it from the wall and wait 60+ seconds? Seriously, I have seen this fix many a wonky USB issue. Though usually just with older computers.

yeah i disconnected the ac cord from the pc. turned the switch off. i’m pretty thorough.

fuck. i guess it’s windows reinstall time.

the only time this has ever happened to me, it was on a bluetooth dongle that was faulty. The dongle was a home made thing with a cable on it, was meant for a hackintosh build (it was basically an internal mac pro bluetooth module on a usb wire).
The strange thing was that the dongle would work on another computer but once I installed it on my PC it would do this. Finally narrowed it down to this:
The way I would need the bluetooth positioned on my main system resulted in the cable being bent. The soldering inside wasn’t very good which resulted in a few wires losing contact when the usb cable was bent at a slight angle.

could be the same thing is happening on your end, try plugging it into another machine but keep bending the cable near the usb plug gently (but don’t bend/shake the usb plug itself) while the peripheral is being installed on the system. If an error occurs you have a hardware problem.

reinstalled windows, blew away my boot/ssd drive. took the chance to update my bios and ssd firmware anyways. usb works again. it had gotten worse anyways with the usb 2.0 hub functionality of the mobo not supporting thumb drives–i’d probably made things worse.

Ah, was going to suggest manually deleting the USB hubs in device manager then rebooting, and installing the latest chipset drivers, but as a reinstall worked…

I actually had tried that without luck.

Oh. Well that fixes it about half the time, the more esoteric fixes are frankly not worth it compared to reinstalling (unless you have, say, a business system you can’t reinstall. I am thinking of a specific business here…growls)