Winamp has a video version of shoutcast, it's amazing

I don’t know how many know this, but Winamp 2.9 and Winamp 5 now has what they’re calling “Internet TV”. Just like shoutcast audio, their are servers that are streaming free video channels. So far I’ve found an all Aqua Teen Hunger Force Channel, a channel that shows Family Guy, Futurama, Invader Zim, a channel that shows old BBC shows like The Young Ones. It’s very easy to find, just go to the media library and click on Internet TV, and enjoy. Many servers are full though, so click on repeat and it will hammer the server until it gets through.

The quality is pretty great too. The most mind blowing channel I saw was the all Bjork video channel that was streaming at a 1mbit rate. It was near dvd quality, just amazing. Nullsoft seems to have created a new video format that blow away just any other video format out their when it comes to streaming.

Its surprisingly good quality, too bad i’m on 56k which causes it to buffer itself every couple of seconds :/

(glances at the ‘Internet TV’ list)

My god, it’s full of porn!

Hmm, I can’t get the image to display on any channel, but I do hear the sound.

You might need to download the latest version of Winamp 5 from the winamp site. Trust me it’s worth it. Winamp 5 is by far the best Winamp player so far.

Awesome! Red Dwarf and Max Headroom are on right now