Window air conditioner pan collecting water

The bottom of my window air conditioner unit seems to be collecting water. Can I drill a small hole in the metal bottom so the water will drain out? Or does the A/C unit need that water for something? I think the water is disrupting the fan sometimes.

It probably means that your unit isn’t tilted. There should be a slight tilt so that the water runs towards the back. It should evaporate, and if not, it should then just overflow.

EDIT: Here’s a couple of articles that may be useful. Note that both articles strongly advise against drilling holes in the AC unit. Please drill the holes in your flat screen monitor instead.

Thanks Tim. Saved me from making a big mistake. When I put it in the window last year I didn’t check how level it was as I barely had the strength to get it installed. You’re correct in that it probably isn’t at the declined angle, so when I’m feeling more ambitious I’ll have to check level and correct it.

No big deal, just prop it up in front a little bit and pack the gap with foam (ideally) or newspaper. It doesn’t need a significant incline, just enough so the water knows which way to go.

Also, check to make sure you didn’t forget to remove the plastic drain plug cover on the back. I may have forgotten that once, and wondered why water was collecting.

Yeeaaaah… That’s not a fun thing to learn the hard way.

I’d definitely take liquidben’s comment seriously. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.