Windows 1.0 - New logo, party like it's 1985!

Honey, is you OK? Is July 1 the new April 1?

What year is it?!

Is this some sort of Stranger Things marketing thing?

I don’t think so. While original Windows (1.0) launched in 1985, that logo is definitely new.

The music, very 1985 though.

That logo isn’t new. I thought so too but the logo is on the Windows 1.0 wikipedia page and was uploaded back in 2012 (though wayback machine shows it on the page as of 2009).

Maybe they’re going to rebrand Windows 10 somehow. Or else it’s marketing about going back to their roots.

Hmm. Cool. But that’s not 1985 old!

What a terrible idea. Everyone knows MS won’t get something right until version 3.1 at the earliest.

Even MS acknowledges Windows 1.0 is better than Windows 10.

I’m going to show my age here, but yeah that’s the original logo. The font, the style of presentation, everything is how MS products looked in the 80s.

Vesper called it right.