Windows 10 language packs

Do I need a special edition of Windows 10 to install alternate language packs? IIRC you used to need the “Professional” or better edition in order to do this. Will Windows 10 Home be enough? Language packs are not listed here:

This page does not list which Windows 10 editions are needed:

I think starting around Windows 7, Microsoft’s OS let you switch languages freely, even with lighter editions. I remember buying a budget (less than 200 euros) Windows 7 laptop in France with the barebone license bundled a few years ago, and switching to English and Japanese without any issue. I had no issues with this and Windows 8.1 either, so I hope they kept that policy intact for Windows 10.
Edit: Ah, I seem to remember I may have had to download the Windows install files from MS back then. They provided them freely. It seems they keep providing such install files for Windows 10, and one of the option is “single language” - thus I’d guess the default version is bundled with multiple ones.

Thanks! It was hard to locate the correct settings, but I did not have to upgrade anything or spend money!