Windows 10 Security Concerns


Oh, didn’t know he was still around.

“A final note: I’m a bit annoyed that “Never10” is as large as it is at 81 kbyte. The digital signature increases the application’s size by 4k, but the high-resolution and high-color icons Microsoft now requires takes up 56k! So without all that annoying overhead, the app would be a respectable 21k. <g> And, yes, of course I wrote it in assembly language.”

If only everyone worked like that :)


Steve Gibson is a global treasure.

I haven’t used SpinRite in forever (since I now back everything up obsessively). Anyone know if it still works with modern drives/formats? I think the last time I used it was on a Fat32 PATA drive.



I seem to vaguely recall using it on an NTFS drive a decade ago. Could be wrong though.


[B]How do I know if SpinRite 6.0 will work for me?
What drives does SpinRite run on? What does it need?[/B]SpinRite can run on any PC compatible system with a [B]32 or 64-bit Intel or AMD processor[/B] and a color screen. The previous SpinRite v5.0 is available to v6.0 owners who need to run SpinRite on older 16-bit 8086/80286 systems and/or monochrome screens.
SpinRite is self-contained, including its own bootable FreeDOS operating system. It can be used on [B]any[/B] operating system and [B]any[/B] file system. This means it can run on drives formatted with [B]Windows XP’s/Vista’s/Windows 7’s[/B] NTFS and all other older FAT formats (in addition to all Linux, Novell, and all other file systems.) It can be used to pre-qualify and certify unformatted hard drives before their first use. Drives on non-PC platforms, such as Apple Macintosh or TiVo, may be temporarily relocated to a PC motherboard for data recovery, maintenance and repair by SpinRite.
SpinRite provides complete interaction with IDE-interface PATA (parallel ATA) and SATA (Serial ATA) drives, and it can also be used with any other type of drive — SCSI, USB, 1394/Firewire — that can be made visible to DOS through the addition of controller BIOS or add-on DOS drivers. To obtain the best performance, IDE drives can be temporarily removed from their external USB or Firewire cases and attached directly to the PC motherboard.
Note: See the SATA knowledgebase article for specific information about SpinRite v6.0’s operation with SATA drives and controllers


MS surprised a lot of people yesterday by delaying Patch Tuesday at the last second. First time it’s ever happened. A lot of folks were expecting a delay of a few days at most.

Nope. February’s patches will now release on March 14, which is the next Patch Tuesday. They just updated the web page with the new date

It’s awkward because there’s a now-revealed SMB flaw that the researcher made public a couple weeks ago, frustrated that MS had been sitting on it since September. MS said that they delayed the fix to roll it into a larger SMB patch they were planning for February, but now that flaw will still be unpatched for another month.