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I haven’t had any issues with the Xbox One controller on my Win 10 Anniversary gaming rig.

However, I’m having some frustration with the arcade cabinet I just built. EDIT: Weirdly, the option to disable the login screen disappeared due to my password settings. Adjusting those caused the option to reappear and it’s working like a charm now.


The Apple solution works fine for OSX programs that aren’t retina-aware. It just renders the whole screen out to double the logical resolution, then scales it back down. Eats GPU cycles, but kills the blurries.

Denny, remove the login screen using this link or just install Winaero Tweaker from and it will do it for you.


@stusser, badly behaved Windows programs never check the screen resolution to begin with. They render everything with fixed pixel sizes. And you can’t just double those or whatever because dependent internal calculations might not scale with that. “Rendering at a higher resolution” from the OS side is in fact impossible under Windows.


But again, this requires starting from a point where “doubling the resolution” would work in the first place. On OS X it works. On Windows it wouldn’t.

You’re misinterpreting the problem, because your solution would only work for applications which never declared anything about how they should handle different screen sizes, resolutions, or DPI settings in the first place. In such cases it obviously would be fine, and what you’re suggesting is what Windows has done for a decade now (simply scaling up the applications and making them look blurry until developers redesign things correctly).

Rather, the problem is with applications which claim to be DPI-aware, but in actuality are not DPI-aware. That’s where Windows tries to treat them correctly with DPI awareness, but since the applications falsely declared what they support, they end up broken in high-DPI screens. And hence the workaround you suggested wouldn’t work, because the workaround wouldn’t be applied to applications which declare themselves to work correctly.

That’s what the blog post I linked to is describing, including how they’re working around it (among other things).


Ahh, so the problem is that OSX and Windows are inherently different under the hood. Gotcha.


I’ve noticed massive problems since I updated my Xbox One controller with the latest firmware. Now it turns off or disconnects randomly from the PC a few times an hour. REALLY annoying & I don’t see a way to go back.



Thought I’d try the Windows 10 photo viewer as my default viewer.

However, when I double click on a photo in a folder to open it, then hit the right arrow or left arrow to move to the next photo, nothing happens. Hmmm.

OK, maybe those aren’t the right hotkeys (even though every photo view in history uses those.) Nope - those are the right keys. It just doesn’t work.

Anyone out there know if there are alternate hotkeys? Or if I just need to use a different default program? Hard to believe something this basic is broken.


Just use Irfanview. Never look back.

Windows Photo Viewer is horrific.


Yeah, thought I’d give it a try, but this is a quick show stopper.

My fave is FastStone - I like the folder view option on the left side of the screen, fast, lots of options,and I’m used to it. ;)

Of course, Windows 10’s settings options won’t give me that option as a default for photos (but just went back in the FastStone prefs and set the associations there.)


Be careful with Irfanview. Depending on where you download it from, ie download dot com (cnet), you’ll be installing some nasty ad-ware on your machine. I personally am never using Irfranview again because the developer allows that, which is a shame since it’s a great program.


Ninite FTW.


[quote=“Gordon_Bleu, post:2972, topic:75647, full:true”]
Be careful with Irfanview. Depending on where you download it from, ie download dot com (cnet), you’ll be installing some nasty ad-ware on your machine. I personally am never using Irfranview again because the developer allows that, which is a shame since it’s a great program.[/quote]

You can grab the 64-bit version of Irfanview and its various plugins direct from the site as a zip; no installer, and presumably no icky ad-ware.

EDIT: Looks like the plugins download from Fosshub, but again, just don’t download the one with the installer.


Why does Irfanview still look like a made-for-Windows 95 application? It’s 2016 for god’s sake.


Use XnView?


I’ve got two issues with Windows 10, not critical.

No calculator. I don’t know where it went, but it’s no longer present. I now have to bring up a programming language interpreter and write an expression.

The Windows+s search input updates for each pressed character one every 10 seconds. Agonisingly slow and almost unusable. Is it going to the internet to ask for search results that never get displayed? Who knows?

One complaint:

There is no longer a clock in the popup calendar thingy. So I can no longer watch the second hands go around and time something visually for 15/30/60 seconds. Just a not so usable updating seconds number.


There’s a calculator. It’s not my favorite. Did you try typing calculator in the search bar?


When I click on the taskbar time/date I get the calendar with a digital clock (w/seconds) above it.


Yep. There’s still a calculator, although it’s a slow UWP POS, and the time is right above the calendar.

Probably the 4th time I’ve posted it in this thread, but if you want the old non-UWP calculator back:


I really, really like FastStone


If your webcam no longer works, here’s why.