Windows 10


Ever since I upgraded to 4K and a GTX 1080 I’ve been having a slew of weird issues. They include -

Intermittent laggy mouse (key word being “intermittent”)
{Registry Hive Recovered} Registry hive (file): ‘\SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE’ was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been lost. (Fun!)
General instabilities probably related to the above
Multiple services crashing - (Good thing this only affects Windows 7! pfft)
WoW hanging and becoming unresponsive – which could be completely unrelated, who knows

Chkdsk and sfc report no issues, of course.

Think I have to give the Anniversary Update another shot.


Hah, computer knew I was going to upgrade it, so it killed itself.

The endless loop of “Diagnosing your PC”. Putting a little bit of text in there to say if it was actually doing something was apparently too much work.

Safe mode would be nice, but I guess that’s gone unless you can boot into full mode first, which sort of defeats the purpose.


Fun times. I have been using the same base computer as my main now since 2011 which has been both nice and depressing at the same time. I miss my biannual CPU/MB upgrades, don’t miss crazy troubleshooting sessions.

I just, hopefully, disabled Windows 10 automated reboot with a simple Task Scheduler disable. It’s been getting more and more aggressive. Before it would give me a couple of days notice now it’s just rebooting the same night, losing me work if I put it to sleep and don’t/can’t save a certain app. Whoever thought this shit was acceptable needs to take a long walk off a short pier into shark infested waters.

Further exacerbating the issue is they released an update which won’t install on my machine, causing a rollback. They know about the issue but it still hasn’t been fixed a week+ later and it was causing my machine to reapply and rollback the change every single night.


Hah, that first time I encountered a Windows Server 2012 telling me I have less than fifteen minutes before it restarts without an option to abort while dozens of users are logged on. Fun times, Microsoft.


I don’t know why anyone would use windows as a server. It’s a piece of shit compared to linux-- the only advantage is all the GUI admin tools.

Exchange isn’t a reason either. Exchange suckles goat balls.


When we use Windows it’s because that’s what the application requires. I manage hundreds, never had one install updates and reboot without my control, but there’s probably a GPO out there that says something about it.

2012R2 is fine as a server.


I have slowly been converting machines to linux at work but somethings I just can’t convert for various reasons. I don’t really think of WS2012R2 as sucking either, and 2016 I hope containerizes all the things.

Exchange though, man I can get behind some good old fashioned loathing right there.


Haha nope. Put my machine to sleep, walked away, and I see in the eventlog it rebooted it 15 minutes later by waking it up from sleep, killing everything and losing my work and game progress AGAIN.


So how screwed am I? Getting a new laptop with Win 10 Pro on 256GB SSD. I also want to clone my present 256 a new 1TB SSD. Can I use the Win Pro key to upgrade my Home key after I do the cloning?

Did that even make sense?


Wish they’d make it easier to switch to Win10… hoping SadNav relents.

The Long Term Service Branch version looks to be the best of the worst versions though.


So I just did rebuild of the indexes of all my files in the PC and that took almost 6 hours to index 600K files. And yet, after it completed, Win 10 is not able to find a XLS file I am looking for, nor some other files/ folders I have on my mind. Why doesn’t Windows 10 just work like Mac’s Spotlight?


Becaue they put a lot of bad engineering into windows search services for a general solution to searching everything and don’t want to give it up, despite it being a resource hog and garbage to boot.

Get Everything or Listary (my new favorite). It doesn’t have to index anything, it just loads the ntfs index in a minute or two and away you go.

Course that only works with ntfs but you should be using that anyways.


Man, thank you all for the Listary hookup. What an awesome little utility. Absolutely loving it.


I am a secret luster after the Mac’s Alfred/Quicksilver utilities and I have been searching for a long time for one that worked half as well. I have used Executor, Launchy, Find & Run Robot and they all just missed the mark for different reasons. Listary is the first one that actually integrated an Everything clone into itself and that made all the difference.

I even bought Pro, not that it’s necessary. Though the keyword system in Pro is an OK replacement for lack of a score system for usage.

If they ever finally add plugins I will be a happy man. And update the website so it doesn’t look like a cheesy Speed up My PC site.


Man, thanks for this tip! I can’t believe I let my PC wasted 6 hours of CPU time reindexing the whole thing, for nothing! Nothing! Seriously, what the hell is it indexing then? I even typed the filename and yet nothing is shown.

Yeah, Spotlight and Alfred are great stuff for the Mac. And don’t forget Finder’s Smart Folder where I could just create a rules, such as, all Powerpoints I have opened in the past 7 days, and this folder will be dynamically updated every time I open in. Windows is no where near. But Windows forces me to remember my file and directory structure. I guess it’s helping me exercise my brain a bit.


Having used Everything for several years now, is there any advantage to switching to Listary? What makes it your new favourite?


Everything just searches uh… everything and that’s pretty much it. Listary is a file launcher that does a ton more plus incorporates the same ntfs index searching tech as Everything.

So I hit a hotkey to bring up Listary, which is just a small bar that shows up in the middle of the screen and start typing in a file name or a fragment thereof. Then I can open it, rename it, open the file’s path, etc all from my keyboard. It finds everything scattered across 3TB almost instantly.


I just tried Listry on one machine and within about 5 minutes I installed it on the rest of my PCs.

It’s very much like Spotlight on the Mac. Thank god. Just double-tap CTRL and the Listry search bar pops up in the middle of the screen. Finds any file in a fraction of a second. Didn’t even need to index anything. It was working within 30 seconds of installation.

And I have no fucking idea what Microsoft did to the search in Windows 10, but it’s up there with Microsoft Bob.


On another Windows 10 note,

Edge remains painfully slow when using the LastPass extension. Some pages load fairly quickly, but others, it waits about 5-10 seconds before it starts to load the page.

C’mon, Microsoft. I’m trying to give your browser a chance.


I just installed it. May take a bit of getting used to, finding files in a small box isn’t as nice as the large window that Everything opens, but I’ll give it some time. I love the CTRL+G functionality in an open app to change the current save/load window to whatever directory is open in Explorer.