Windows 10


Doing some work on my wife’s laptop. Says it’s going to restart for an update because it’s outside of active hours. Click to change active hours from 8AM to midnight. I’m active during those times, right? Says I can only be active between 1 to 12 hours per day.

I just laughed and laughed…


It seems like an insufficiently detailed system. They should allow definition of ranges of Essential hours, and Maintenance hours, and leave some space in between for urgent actions. If you need your PC Essential for 12+ hours per day, they can charge you for a commercial license instead of home version :) :( .


I love the shutdown and install updates option. You would think you could select it and it would install everything so next time you turned it on you would be ready to go.

Nope. It shuts your machine down and then installs almost everything when you turn it back on. How is that different than just the normal shutdown option?

The restart and install everything option at least works, though if you walk away you are leaving your machine on. Even with the electric company paying me $10 for all of last year I still don’t like doing that.


Any opinions on CleanMyPC, a utility for clearing up unnecessary disk space and it’s also a registry cleaner. I love their CleanMyMac version, which is pretty and did help me free up space. I am just not sure how good CleanMyPC is considering there are other tools available for the right job (what is a good one, though?)


Yes, I have opinions.


Registry cleaners are one of the most destructive utilities that naive computer enthusiasts have ever thrust upon unwitting victims. They inevitably end up completely wiping out vital systems or services that may not give you problems today, but will rear their ugly heads months or years down the road when something just randomly stops working and you have no idea why. You’ll then blame Windows for being broken, most likely.

Or maybe it’ll happen when some future Windows update comes out, whether a security update or a major upgrade like the anniversary update. That seemingly innocent registry cleaner you ran months ago might have changed or deleted something that Microsoft never expected to be changed or deleted. So the update or upgrade will fail to install, leaving you confused and annoyed that updates keep failing, and then you’ll complain that Windows Update is shit and never works right.

If you want to clean up disk space, then use built-in utilities like Disk Cleanup. Use WinDirStat to find files or programs you have have forgotten about or to see what’s taking up space. Use supported utilities condoned by Microsoft to configure things or remove unwanted things. But for the love of god never run “registry cleaners”.

Keyboard and phantom key press problems (Windows 10)

wow, thanks man! I have no idea registry cleaner could have potential effect for future Windows Update. This truly gives me a different perspective to those tools. It does feed into a sense of achievement, having the ability to clean up junks in the system, but if it’s going to give problems further down the road, I am definitely not going to touch the registry now. Life is too short to have to troubleshoot Windows issue in the future!


CCleaner does a great job at disk cleaning also, and is more thorough than Microsoft’s disk cleanup as it also scrubs application data.

I agree, never ever use registry cleaners.


As a first time PC clone owner back in the mists of time, this was my first major mistake. Can’t be repeated often enough.


All this registry discussion has me wondering if the best option, if you think your system needs a major clean-up, wouldn’t be to just re-install. Prior to Windows 10, I’d have said that a re-install of the OS was unquestionably the best choice. I used to do it every year or so, just on general principles. But now, I’ve got no physical media for Windows 10, and I used the free upgrade from Windows 7 to get to my current install. If I had to re-install for some reason, I’m not entirely sure how I’d go about it.

Any thoughts on what the options are for a clean re-install in this situation? I don’t need it right now, but you never know when something might happen.


You’re good to go:


Good to know, thanks. Looks like all I have to worry about is if the install somehow doesn’t recognize that “same device” restriction. Just have to remember not to change any hardware, I guess.


So after the big “Anniversary Update” my computer began to randomly reboot. That seems to have resolved itself over the last week but now I have an awesome new problem.

I use the Fender FUSE software to control my guitar amp and it has never given me a problem before, but the aforementioned update appears to have either deleted or corrupted .NET 3.5 (which FUSE needs to function). Awesome, I’ll just reinstall it. Except I fucking can’t. Both the online installer, and even the full sized redistributable just hang and refuse to download or install anything. The funny part is, when I go to install .NET 3.5 I get an error message stating that I need .NET 3.5 in order to do that.


Try installing it through the Windows features instead of a standalone installer. It’s built into the actual OS instead of installed separately, but you should be able to toggle it on and off to force a reinstall.


That did it. When I run the installer it actually automatically tries to install via Windows Features, but fails every time. So I went and checked Windows Features by itself and .NET 3.5 was disabled for some inexplicable reason.


How does one whitelist a W10 UWP game in say, a security program, because the (for example, forza_x64_release_final.exe) executable in c:\program files\windowsapps\etc. appears to be encrypted or not a valid EXE?


in the same vein, how does one create a desktop shortcut to a UWP game?


I’d say the simplest solution is to NOT buy any UWP Applications to prevent it/that_shite getting a foothold.
Doesn’t help you if you already got one of course.


The icons keep going to the default icon so I had to use Photoshop to make some icons for Fora Horizon 3, Forza Apex and Gears of Wars Ultimate Edition.


I remember doing that with Windows 95. We’ve come far.


Whether it works or not, I think you could try switching tools. Microsoft’s file-search tools take ages to find anything. Search Everything is completely instant. (Except on network drives, then it takes as long as Microsoft does).

(Though it looks like in the latest version the search via the windows menu is now fast. On Windows 8.1 it used to take ages and often just show me internet search queries, which was nothing but useless.)

Still, It’ll show you the same things for “Windows versio” as it does for “Windows version”, which Microsoft’s start menu search completely fails to do.

As for the Anniversary Update: I have still yet to be blessed by it, which is a bit annoying, as I’ve been wanting to use the Unix tools since I first heard about them. (But I couldn’t subscribe to the early adopter stuff as we’re not allowed to have MS accounts here and tie them to Windows)

edit: Woo, other people have also mentioned Everything. Great tool. I’ll take a look at Listary, though it looks a lot like Launchy that I used to use a decade ago.

Excellent. I’ll give this a try. Windows 10 rebooting is a nightmare. It completely kills my VMs and things. (I’ve tried VBoxHeadlessTray, but it didn’t save them on shutdown like it claimed it did. Also, Windows search will not find VboxHeadlessTray unless I type it in exactly, which is a pain, as I couldn’t remember it’s name. I found it in everything by typing ‘tray box’ THANKS Cortana)