Windows 10


one dumb question: what is the fastest way to reset login password on windows 10?


Listary is Everything + Launchy rolled up into one nice package. It’s a great combination.


Do these third party searches search for words within like Word docx or xlsx? I mean my searches are pretty minimal but I just like throwing in the word say XCOM and pulling up the game as well as any documents I created… regardless of what I named them. It’s just so weird my ALL search is broken, but if I tell it to look for documents… finds it fine. My laptop which got the update… also fine, and also had a HDD and SSD set-up.


Unfortunately Everything just searches for file names, but it’s instant. I’m not sure of a good tool to search through docx etc. I’ve heard good things about DocFetcher and AstroGrep, but never used them.


Sadly this is why i stick with Windows search and just gripe about it. I need it to search in files to be useful for me.


Is there any way of sorting the Listary search window by date, file size etc? So far I prefer Everything’s search window, perhaps because I’ve been using it for several years and I love how it works. I’m still using Listary though, because it has a really useful right click functionality in an Explorer windows, bringing up a whole bunch of recent files, folders etc.


So I’ve been getting random system reboots on Windows 10 lately. 51 instances since October 5th according to the event viewer. Zero before that date.

What happened on October 5th? I installed the anniversary update. Awesome. A Google search reveals that this is not an isolated case, and nothing I’ve seen so far has led to a solution. So I suppose I either have to do another clean install and hope that works, or wait it out and hope Microsoft fixes it.


Have they fixed anything for those of us stuck with messes due to the anniversary update? I’m pretty sure MS just doesn’t care. They don’t think enough of us suffer for them to do anything about any of these issues.


Where you on the insider track at some point? If so, you might have been hit by a bug caused if you were on the insider ring, but jump off on to the regular track.

This should fix it.


I was having some pretty heinous graphics driver issues for a while. I use DDU to clear out the old drivers, but the system was still unstable. I’m talking about mean time between the graphics driver crashing was in minutes.

Then, I updated to the latest version of DDU. The changelog noted that they made some substantial improvements on cleanup of AMD drivers. That did the trick, as the graphics became stable immediately. Still, something was causing a stop code blue screen about once per day…

I finally bit the bullet, nuked the partition, and did a clean install of the Anniversary Update. I know there’s a way to “restore” it to a clean setting in Windows, but old habits die hard. Besides, nuking it from orbit is the only way to be sure.

System is now rock solid.


I haven’t been on the Insider track since my last clean install (I had to do a clean install a few months ago because something on the Insider track broke Windows Update for me and I was stuck on a build from last Fall that refused to update).

I downloaded the latest ISO and did one of those restores that only repairs Windows and doesn’t touch anything else, but I’m still getting the random reboots. How random? Well I played Bioshock Infinite for about 4 hours a couple days ago with no issues. Then I launched Portal today and it immediately rebooted. Then I launched Portal and played for an hour without issue. Then I launched a game in PCSX2 and it immediately rebooted. Then I put the PC to sleep and when I woke it up it immediately gave a BSOD and rebooted.

If there’s any common thread that I can think of it’s that for the most part it happens when I’m launching a game, exiting a game, loading a new level, or bringing the computer out of sleep mode. It does also happen when I’m just, say, walking around in Skyrim, though.

God I really didn’t want to do another clean install already…


That sounds less like an OS/driver problem and more like a RAM or PSU problem. That said, driver issues can be insidious, so I wouldn’t overlook the possibility.


Those were my first two guesses as well. All memory tests came back clean and I purchased a new 700 watt eVGA PSU which didn’t solve the problem (but I’ve been wanting to replace my crappy old PSU anyway).

I just ran DDU and installed nVIDIA’s 375.57 drivers, so we’ll see if that solves the issue.


I’ve had driver’s cause that kind of odd behavior, and not just GPU drivers either. Oddly enough I have a wolf king keyboard really mess with my computer once… completely uninstalled that puppy. And of course a BIOS update is my last step if there is one available.


Is it randomly rebooting? Or is it blue-screening and rebooting?


It’s only blue screened once. Every other time it’s a black screen reboot.


I have also been having some weird issue with Windows 10. Does windows 10 have “stealth” updates that require multiple reboots to be applied? By stealth, I mean that its not telling me its applying an update.

This is what has been happening to me. Every once in a while when I boot up my computer, it will start booting until I see the windows logo and then it will reboot. Sometimes it will do this 2 or 3 times and then finally windows will load.
After this, I have shut down and rebooted windows to see if it repeats, and it does not.
Once booted, my computer will run rock solid without any issues at all.

I thought it might be a hard drive issue and downloaded some software and it says everything is fine.

Does anyone know what is causing this? I am hoping its just some kind of windows 10 stealth update and not a hardware issue. Again, it only happens every once in a while.

A related thing that might be part of the cause is that a few months ago I got an APC UPS. I have the monitoring software installed that will shutdown my computer if there is a powerfailure and my UPS will run out of power. The last time this booting thing happened, my UPS started beeping during the boot up process. Maybe it somehow is a cause?


Sort of. It auto installs them for me. I know they’re going to update when I reset or restart the computer which I rarely do. If you’re asking if Windows 10 asks if you want to install an update… not that I can see. I would have turned that off and updated when I felt like it.

The reboot thing you’re talking about, that I have not experienced. With an update it just tells me it’s updating, no guess work.


Do you see anything if you check reliability history? Just search for Reliability from the start menu.

Updates on Windows 10 will sometimes auto-reboot your system, but that shouldn’t happen more than once or twice a month at most - and in the anniversary update you should see notifications prior to it happening. And they’d only require one reboot, not two or more like you’re describing.

What you’re describing instead sounds like crashes, which would be reflected in reliability history if so.


That is what I kind of expect, that if windows was applying an update during boot-up, it would do its usual, thing like “Updating Step 3 of 3 99% Complete” or whatever.

Ill have to search for that Reliability from the start menu. I was wondering if there was something that would tell me what was going on. My computer never auto reboots once I am on the desktop. Its just during the initial startup from a cold boot that this happens every once in a while.