Windows 10


Almost all windows laptops have the product key for Windows on a label on the bottom. Flip it over, find it, snap a clear picture with your phone, and you’ll be ready if they ask for it during install. I’d recommend doing a clean install (after backing up your drive).


Surely that is what people signed up for when they agreed to use Windows Prism?


If people don’t like it, they should make their own operating system!


I just want to drop in and say I really hate OneDrive, because no matter how I dinker around with it, I can’t get it to actually give up rights to the PrintScreen button (I mean, there’s an option in settings to do so, but it doesn’t appear to really work).

More or less, if OneDrive is running, GreenShot (my screenshotting utility of choice!) can’t gain a lock on the PrtScrn button and refuses to start up properly, which is maddening.

I was on the verge of installing some convoluted startup management software that manually loads programs in a certain order on boot in order to avoid these sorts of conflicts. . . before I remembered that I’m already a paying Dropbox subscriber, so fuck, why do I even let OneDrive run in the first place?


I have not experienced this yet, but when I do, does anyone know how to turn that off for good? Corporate America is really pissing me off with stuff like this. I really wish there was another choice, but as a gamer I am kind of stuck with Windows. Amazon is annoying me by constantly hassling me about getting a prime membership, even google is bugging me about signing up for shit I do not want and there isn’t any kind of NO and never ask me again option.


Nobody knows exactly what triggers it yet. My guess is unpinning Edge from the taskbar will do it, until the next time you upgrade Windows and it re-pins of course.


It seems reasonable to assume it would be controlled by this setting:


Seems reasonable to think so. Not proven though.


As anecdata, I’m fully up-to-date and not seeing the behaviour in question. (Also still have Edge pinned to taskbar for no good reason. Default browser is Firefox.)


I’m getting tired of every other Windows 10 update breaking my computer’s ability to stay in sleep mode.


Is it possible that even with 8GB memory windows have memory leak problem ?? Is that related with ATI or what ???


Weirdly enough, I’ve had fewer issues with Win10 than with pretty much any other version. And I’ve had them all from the beginning. There is a lot of unnecessary (to me) stuff in Win10, to be sure, though.


This times 1000.

Also, two updates have now gone into an endless ‘failed to install’ loop, Cumulative Update KB3197954 and Cumulative Update KB3200970. It’s driving me batty – in addition to the borked sleep mode, there is basically no such thing as ‘restart,’ it’s always ‘update and restart’ and then the same damn failure. This is a known thing but hours of internet scouring haven’t found me a solution that works.

Per this link I tried to run this script fix and had high hopes, but as far as I can tell all it’s done is shift forward the ‘fail to install’ from '54 to '70. Not that I have any real idea what’s going on. It looks like the script was meant for an earlier update installment, so maybe that’s the issue.

Windows’s endless updates have been annoying me for years, but now it’s drifted into the realm of Dada. I don’t even want to turn my gaming PC on anymore.


Well, there’s always the option of going back to Win7/8.1 no? Less spying as well.

Course, they are starting to do shit with Windows update there as well, since now you get a “bundle” update with very little details, instead of separate downloads. I think MS have gone batshit crazy under SatNad, and to think that people thought Balmer was the mad one.


I’ve come across instructions on how to purge pending updates from your hard drive, essentially forcing your computer to download them again instead of trying to reinstall the same (potentially corrupted) data. I don’t recall exactly where I saw it, but look for various Windows update repair responses (when I first went to 10, my Store icons were bonkers and didn’t work and this got me looking down various rabbit holes).


Received a Windows 10 update, the one that provides colored title bars on the windows and makes then 100x easier to see and use. However, the update crippled my MS Image Composer program, no longer able to save png files: “Cannot save image. Image format filter initialization failed.” Not good, so I rolled back to the previous build and it is working again. Alas, colored title bars, I’ll miss you.


Actually, MS added telemetry to win7 and 8 also.


True, but they are at least possible to disable in Win7/8, yes?


Only with the same hacks and tricks available to you in Win10.


Was under the impression that the telemetry in Win10 was a lot more “built into the system” than it was in Win7/8.1 through patches.

Still, no forced updates & reboots on W7/8 but perhaps they’ll “add” that as well.