Windows 10


IMO they are shitting the bed with win 10. Is it too much to ask to have a stable OS that doesn’t require a restart every other day and where you don’t need to throw up a prayer to the heavens each time you put it in sleep mode?


I feel the same way. I have two systems on Win 10… they don’t even update on the same day. Unless i pay really close attention I can’t even tell if they’re getting the same update or not. I still don’t know why my desktop was forked with the anniversary update but the laptop is fine.

I also get a off blue screens these days for reason I can’t tell. It didn’t used to do this.


Hi Dan, ‘purge pending updates from your hard drive’ led me to this procedure which I think maybe got it done. Maybe. Knock on wood. Anyway Windows doesn’t seem to be quite so keen on updating anymore. So, thanks!


Yes! That’s the one I was thinking of. I’m glad my incredibly vague advice was helpful :)


Was your PC ever on a preview insider build before you installed the final version of Windows 10? Because if so, there was a bug with a recent update where those PCs would continually fail to install an update.


I don’t think so. I bought it as a Windows 8 PC and then did a clean OS reinstall a year or so ago after a massive system crash. Then, from within Win 8, it gave me the free-update jazz so I went with the flow.

@ Dan, sadly I spoke too soon. Same update failures just happened, again '70 and '54. I turned off the windows update automated service, and am just going to leave it off for a while, if that is a thing that can be done. Probably means Teh Haxx0rs will destroy me, but whatever.


More likely that Win10 somehow re-enables it by itself, judging from past experiences people have had with disabling stuff and it magically re-enabling itself.


So I’ve got some un-upgradable version of W7 and want to replace it with W10 Home. If I download the W10 installer from the Microsoft Store, will it… work? I guess I can reinstall Steam either point at or redownload local exes etc. I haven’t reinstalled Windows for years now and I’ve basically forgotten how :)


What do you mean in-upgradable? Do you mean Windows 7 Enterprise? It won’t upgrade. That’s a volume license.


Well that’s what I said. But I can still do a fresh install right, and boot to W10…?


Nothing worked on my ‘infinite update’ situation, and I found an error message in the end that seemed to indicate some corrupted files somewhere. I did a fresh reinstall, although I guess the free Win 10 upgrade is no longer in service, so I’m back to 8.1 Whatevs!


For what it’s worth and if you want it, activation is handled automatically for a given PC. So even though upgrades through Windows Update are no longer live, you can use the Media Creation Tool to download it:


Welcome back to the many :-)


You can do that, but it won’t activate. So you can run it 30 days and reinstall it again, or you can activate. To activate, you need to have done an upgrade from a valid Win 7 license using the accessible-needs loophole, or you need to purchase a license. It’s Black Friday week, so there should be some on sale.


The “tied to the machine” license is pretty liberal. My motherboard died a few weeks ago so I upgraded with a new mobo, CPU, and RAM. Booting from my previous Windows10 installation took 15-ish minutes while Windows went through the process of switching over to using Skylake drivers and rebooting. I was sure I’d run into license issues and I was right. A bit after Windows came up I’m guessing it tried to check Windows Update and resulted in an activation error. Fortunately, I only needed to input my valid Win7 license key again and Microsoft accepted my new configuration (no issues since). So, so happy I didn’t need to purchase a new license or reinstall.


Yes, you should be able to install clean then activate using your old windows license, if it’s eligible-- a windows enterprise license wouldn’t be.

Worst-case scenario, win10 licenses are like $20 at kinguin. Not talking about a lot of money here.


Think I’m sticking with 8.1 for now. It just seems so much more low-stress. I can use the sleep button again! W00tz


So, full windows might be coming to ARM chips.

If that isn’t something cool, I don’t know what is.


Guess this is chance #3.


It lines up with the rumor that some kind of Surface phone is coming next year. It’ll be some kind of really high-end ARM phone, but it will run full Windows 10 instead of Windows 10 Mobile. With Continuum and a dock, it will be a full PC in your pocket.

It won’t really be geared toward consumers, but more toward Enterprise. MS is almost there with Continuum, but the current inability to run x86 apps was always the last deal-breaker.