Windows 10


Maybe you guy just need to Google Microsoft pulled patch and see their history. It’s uncommon but not exactly rare. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to update a driver without having to do a Windows Update too. Sometimes I don’t want to mess with an OS update at that moment. MS has already admitted they were too aggressive. Why the need to claim otherwise?

I hate their HELLO world bs after an update too. It’s creepy.


No you’re not. You’re just an asshole.


Haven’t seen that, but “Hello, world” goes back decades. When learning a new programming language, the first task one is typically asked to perform is to write that to the screen. It’s the Lorem ipsum dolor of programming.


I think the last time this happened was in 2014. Microsoft pulled the patch on the same day they released it, and the vast majority never got it because of the behavior I described above.

I’ve previously commented on the reboot behavior and am not denying that some of it was too aggressive. And same with how GWX was pushed. But I’m also saying that for the specific complaints being used as scare tactics for disabling updates entirely are overblown given the control which is there for the IT organizations which were actually affected by this specific issue going around.


Yeah, see I don’t think you Googled. I was hit by one of their nasty patch problems… unrolled it myself, after 2014. I had Google which one it was though that had a known bug

Today’s lovely updater reverted my speakers back to the monitor speakers because of… why? It reset my color schemes on my keyboard. Caused my Razer headset to stop working until i reinstalled that suite. Logitech was mostly okay but required an additional headset. The 2nd boot made the Plex server to stop responding entirely so here I am on the 5th restart and finally I have everything working as it should be.

I think delaying that hassle until I have time to deal with all that is not an unreasonable or an anti-vax move, don’t you?


I have the Creators’ Update loaded now, ready to complete on the next restart. I didn’t push it manually – it’s just my time. I admit to being a little apprehensive :)

EDIT: Everything went fine.


Sounds like we can be smithereens together. I’m going to pull the trigger as soon as this post goes through rather than waiting. Here’s hoping.


Still haven’t been offered Creator’s Update on two home systems. At what point do I worry that something about my systems has gone awry? I have gotten other updates recently, so don’t think I’ve incorrectly blocked anything. I don’t need anything in Creators Update, just a bit surprised it hasn’t come through yet.


Journal entry, update +1 hour. I appear to have survived the update just fine. Nothing exploded, OOSU10 still works, and my USB hard drives are accessible. This will be acceptable.


Oh, let’s see what’s new in the Windows 10 thread after 116 posts since I’ve last read it.

Oookay then. [backs away slowly]


So I guess now is a good time to get a Mac.


Sure, if you want a Mac :) I upgraded my desktop and my laptop to the Windows 10 CU last night. Both went flawlessly.


If you aren’t a gamer, absolutely get a mac. I’m very happy with mine.


Just got the Creators Update. My laptop brightness is stuck at 100%. After trying a number of alleged solutions nothing works. Any ideas @LMN8R?

Edit: Thank god for color schemes in Discourse.


I had two friends have that happen to them. They never got control of brightness back, although one did get it “stuck” at a lower level of brightness by reinstalling his display drivers.


Yeah. After spending most of the day trying to fix it, all I know is that it’s a common issue.

Edit: This is so goddamn annoying. I have my laptop in the livingroom. My wife likes to watch TV on the couch. I’ll hit up various websites. I turn the light off at night and turn town my brightness. Thusly we coexist. Not tonight or any night until someone fixes this bullshit.


No one answered, so I forced the update. Now I sit here typing from a mobile device while googling how to put out electrical fires.

Okay, maybe not. The upgrade went without a hitch, much faster than estimated, and so far, so good. Based on free disk space left (and not having removed Windows.old yet), most of the upgrade must have already been sitting there waiting.


Paging @LMN8R yet again.


I think the fix will depend on your OEM/manufacturer. I had the opposite problem where Lenovo display drivers would auto-dim too aggressively unless I adjusted the MS setting with Anniversary Update.


Jaysis. Microsoft gently touched my machine this morning, informing me that Important Updates were happening and that This Will Take A While.

One of those statements was unequivocally correct.

But hey, I finally got to my desktop! Woo!

…and the machine went totally unresponsive after loading an Edge window to tell me about how great it was that we’ve always been at war with Eastasia. Well, there was a tiny window of responsiveness, sort of, where moving my mouse made “boop” sounds while moving the pointer. That was fun.

Once a blank command shell window opened (machine still unresponsive) I decided to hell with this and restarted. And now things appear to be working?

I was tickled by the big topline “here’s what’s great about these Important Updates!” and it was three things I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit about: some mail program, the Edge browser, and something else I’ve already forgotten because it will never impact my life.

Nice work!