Windows 10


Where, please.

  • Control Panel | System and Security | System
  • Advanced System Settings
  • Hardware tab
  • Device installation settings
  • Click “No” on “Do you want to automatically download manufacturers’ apps and custom icons available for your device?” (I know, totally sounds like driver downloads, huh!).


Like! I mean, +1! I mean, you go, grill.

Oh, hell. 👍

Any other notable settings that are recommended to change?


Oh fuck me, Win10 updated today and fucked itself into a Preparing Automatic Repair boot loop…


Tried the unplug all USB devices trick suggested online for “stuck black screen spinning wheel after update” issues, but no dice. Hopeful a Startup Repair will fix it (gotta wait for gf to get home to make bootable media using her laptop), otherwise looks like full system reset is the only other option.

But remember, disallowing these fuck ass automatic updates is a crime on par with letting kids die of polio.


Oh that sucks @ArmandoPenblade. I am sorry that happened to you. I guess my permanent messed up Windows Search problem (previous update) and multiple reboots to get third party stuff working (this update) pales in comparison.


Oh for the love of

Bootable USB (found the one I installed 10 off of 1.5 years ago) gets stuck at a blank purple screen with a cursor on it. Left it for 10m with no change. USB stick not flashing from use. Wtf

edit: after 20m, it got to an actual install screen. chose startup repair. it thought about it a few minutes then told me that it was having a bluescreen error to do with ntfs.sys and rebooted itself. bang up job on the startup repair, win10.

downloading fresh win10 files for new bootable media. maybe the old one doesnt like my up to date 10.



By random chance, I elected to reboot one more time. This time, no “Preparing Automated Repair” message, just a black screen, blue windows logo, and a spinning circle of white dots. Obviously having time to kill, I let that spin in the background while fucking with my new install media (holy balls the process for acquiring an ISO of Win10 Ed edition is obnoxious).

And eventually, the message "SCANNING DRIVE E: (100%)* flashed underneath the white spinning circle for half a second, then the screen went black for two minutes, and then Windows booted as though nothing had ever fucking happened.


Just. . . incredible.

* Yes, I have no fewer than four internal drives on this machine, so even with all USB shit unplugged, there was still an E: drive to scan.


Leaving a USB drive plugged in destroyed my install of the anniversary update. I guess it’s not limited to USB.


I honestly didn’t realize this referred to drivers. I took it at face value and thought it was just the fancy icons in device manager for your mouse and keyboard and crap. I’ve also luckily never been bit by MS installing bad/wrong things to force me to look. Changed now though!


Yep. Rebooting to reinstall my motherboard chipset drivers AGAIN, same behavior. That drive had become increasingly flaky the last few weeks, and I never turn my computer off if I can help it. My guess is that at some point it bit the dust quietly, and upon boot, windows is running checkdisk without asking if I want to, except it’s bugging out and not telling me this for the entire 20+ minute scan. Letting it sit and spin again to confirm, then I’ll have to figure out which one’s dead (I’ve got two ancient, identical 640gb drives in there for backup, so figuring out which one corresponds to E: will be fun) and unplug it.

So delightfully stupid

disabling dead drive immediately fixes boot issues. I really wish Windows would actually report this.

Also, now installed AHCI and Rapid Storage and chipset drivers from mobo manufacturer and USB 3.0 hard-drives still aren’t seen by Windows 10 anymore, ever since the Creator’s Update broke them a month ago.

Fuck and shit, bro. I’m gonna go eat my feelings instead of fucking with this nonsense anymore. @LMN8R all fury and rage aside on my part, if you have any advice on how to make Win10 see USB 3.0 hard drives again (they work fine on USB 2.0, and other USB 3.0 devices work just fine), I’d love to know :(



I upgraded to Creator’s update a few days ago and have had zero issues.

Shocking, I know!


Wow. I hope I find that Phantom Dust was worth all of this Win10 nonsense.


Lucky for you that you aren’t a white-hat malware researcher who happened to save millions of computers from the WannaCrypt ransomware last week.


Yeah, UK rags really are terrible. He’s lucky they didn’t hack his voicemail too.

In related news, congrats to all the new grads today!


Good news everyone. I have my brightness control back.

The wife accidentally unplugged my laptop. This of course dropped the brightness down to battery level. This was now too dark for me. So I decided to yet again get the Windows brightness slider back. Device manager>monitor>uninstall>remove driver>check for hardware change. Bam. Brightness slider back. Also my function key brightness app from Asus. This is something that I have done several times with no joy. Did the brightness change to battery level do something? I have to think so as it was the only change. Maybe this will help someone else.

Time for a drink.

Edit: @ArmandoPenblade might this help your friend?


Ever since the latest Windows 10 update I’ve been noticing odd behavior on my machine like BSOD’s and shutting down upon reaching the loading during bootup. Never had issues like this until recently. I had to go over and help dad repair his machine after somehow his got hosed after the update with frequent BSOD’s I think were related to Windows hardware updates.

God damn, Win 7 and fully patched Win XP were the best home OS’s MS ever made. WTF happened?

General Beringer gives his opinion on Windows 10.


Windows 7 remains my favorite OS ever–from the beta preview straight through to the end. That was Microsoft at their best, firing on all cylinders. 7 will always have a welcome place in my heart.


I’ve had Windows 10 not start twice properly since the Update. It fixes itself the second time around but i have no idea what the problem is. It gives me zero information.