Windows 10


You can see below the newly added upgrade to Windows Update. The systems it wants to install on are all confirmed Win7 PCs, some of which couldn’t be upgraded if I wanted to (don’t have the hard drive space). Fortunately, a bunch of those are slated for retirement in the next month.

Win10 Upgrade 2


Ok finally took the plunge and got the creators update. It is like back to Win 95 days, you have to pray to Bill Gates that nothing bad will happen, instead of knowing that everything will go smoothly like in Win 7. So far there is no problem, but we will see.


Good article.

If MS cared about privacy they’d allow home and pro users to disable telemetry. Their smugness and arrogance are truly offputting.

“Privacy Officer” indeed. It’s like putting the anti-environment guy in charge of the EPA. They think we’re all easily led fools.


It’s nothing like that.


More lies from Microsoft I gather. Nice that the Register been holding them to task for it ever since their scheme was introduced.

That + Updates is only thing holding me off installing it… well, and the Windows Store I guess.

Was hoping they’d change their tune after a while, but looks like Windows 8.1 will be my last windows OS - time to brush up my Linux’ing, maybe 2020 will be the year of Linux on the Desktop.


Sadly you have no choice if you’re a gamer.


Well, there is a choice: If everyone stayed on Win8.1. MS would either have to change strategy (as they tend to) or lose that market. Sadly, only 30% give a fuck, apparently.

If only more games worked with Vulkan then at least they’d be able to render properly on Linux/SteamOS/Mac, no?
I guess with future kickstarters there’s always the option of only going for it if they offer a linux version.

I’d never really consider a Mac, but if the alternative is Windows 10, fuck it, it would be like voting for Trump because you hated Hillary, really. Which makes Windows 8.1 Bernie…


I installed Mint Linux 18 on my two Windows 10 laptops a few months back and haven’t looked back. I primarily use the laptops for web stuff and Linux addresses all of the issues I had with Windows (lack of privacy, so-so security and CONSTANT updates mostly). I booted into Windows a couple of weeks back to just get the latest updates and it took over three hours to install them. Was so sweet to just boot back into Linux afterwards.

The only computer I still regularly use Windows on is my desktop which is used primarily for gaming. I hope Linux continues to make slow and steady progress at wider adoption.


You can actually play windows games in linux with near zero performance impact these days, but you need to actually run windows virtualized to do it so it’s more of an academic “hey this is pretty cool” thing and not particularly useful.

It would be groovy if Vulkan took off. But it isn’t supported on Xbone, PS4, or MacOS-- Apple wants you to use Metal instead.


Yea, I’ve run a few games in VMs already (for multiboxing).

Except for all those shitty games that have some sort of enforcement/restriction-tech that doesn’t run in a VM. But I
guess you can always buy it, then crack it (sort of defeating the purpose + supporting something you’re actively fighting) and you’d mostly get it running.

Was considering just getting Vmware Workstation (11?) to run Windows 10 on, but I see it doesn’t as of yet support DX12 and DX11 is shoddy as far as I know. Luckily there’s not much DX12 stuff out there and what is, also works on 9/11. I guess we’ll see how many holdouts there are left once a “must have” title appears that only runs on Windows X. Feel a bit like the resistance guys in The Strain, season 4, after the strigoi have taken over. Will keep on fighting, even if the battle is lost. Wonder if you can get a game running in Docker on Win10.


You don’t need it. The way this works is by passing-through the GPU/PCI-e directly to the VM via IOMMU. Then you run the VM on KVM, which comes with modern linux. So everything, everything, works.

There are various articles going over how to do it. But the only reason is if you prefer the linux desktop environment, because you’re still running windows.


Yea, but when virtualized and separate from your ‘day to day’ operation it would be a Windows 10 environment with only games and nothing else on it, so microsoft could slurp whatever information they wanted as there would be nothing of value for them, the nsa, the russians or any hacker group that gets access to the data.

This list, wonder if someone made an “infograph” about it.

Was considering just making a second installation and having it restricted to just a few hard-drives, but then I’d still be supporting a regime I would rather see dismantled.


I suppose, but if you possess the sophistication to setup passthrough pci-e to a VM in linux, you probably have the capacity to run shutup10 and turn off the telemetry in the first place.


That is, until they find other ways to embed it into the OS - meanwhile you’re now considered a “Windows 10” user, which means the Windows Storefront can now advertise it has +1 user thus luring innocent game-developers into making their games exclusive to DRM UWP.

If only OS\2 didn’t fold and perhaps there would be competition enough on the market so neither actor would be bold enough to make such anti customer/consumer/free platform steps.

Anyhoo, time to visit and get this months update.

Cheers for suggestions tho :)


Pretty sure they count linux greybeards running it in a VM as windows users too. No avoiding that if you want to play games.


@stusser - If you have a link or two to any of the better articles on this, I wouldn’t mind taking a peek. More for the novelty of knowing how to do it rather than any expectation of improved privacy or anything.


Sure, here’s one guide.


Pretty slick… alas, I don’t have a Ryzen nor the double video card setup. I’m still running an old i3570k and GTX960!


Intel CPUs work fine, but I believe you need broadwell or newer to support the IOMMU stuff. Intel castrated their older chips so they wouldn’t be used to virtualize servers.


What a shitshow.