Windows 10


I have been using Notepad++ for years, but there’s an occasional problem where the program will eat your file. E.g. it will blank the file and then save. Luckily it has only happened to me a few times.


Try Visual Studio Code. It’s been my Notepad++ replacement for a while now. :)


Is it separate from the VS main program? I like N++ because it’s lightweight, loads fast, almost feels like a portable app.


Yes, it’s a modern lightweight text editor, totally seperate from VS.


Lightweight compared to full VS, but it’s based on Atom so it’s probably a lot more of a hog than notepad++.

Edit: This criticism is not a good reason to not use it if you’re writing code, it’s an excellent code editor and a lot more lightweight than IDEs of yore.


Yeah it is basically a web app so won’t be as light and optimised as something native, but MS has put a lot of work into VS Code so it’s still far more performant than Atom. :)

Personally though for quick ‘double click’ text files I use the viewer built into Directory Opus, and VS Code otherwise. Some of it’s multi-selection tools are really sweet.


Yeah, Code is great as a text editor or lightweight IDE.

And far, far more performant than Atom. My goodness.


That’s, uh, quite a problem.


I’ve never had any such issue with N++. Maybe one of the plugins you’re using is causing a problem? I just have the basic ones installed, nothing fancy.


This last update is annoying. It killed my sound (had to reinstall old Realktek), and killed scanner software for another PC.


I choose to believe that this is part of the Notepad++ conversation, and that it’s really gotten bloated since last I used it.


VSCode doesn’t have great split windows, it’s either horizontal or vertical, not both at the same time. That’s one of my only complaints, the rest is just Atom done better. That seems to be the next big fix though, they already have a demonstration gif of it being implemented and it looks great.

Still no emacs but it’s replaced Notepad++ for me for semi lightweight editors on random windows servers and workstations.


On the other hand, with the latest update, this is the first time that the little sound-device-chooser-that-expands-from-the-volume-button-when-clicked thing works for me to switch between my two audio devices reliably since the first month or so I had Win10 (I switch between built in sound and my soundcard to quickly switch between headphones and speakers, which I do a few times a day). Previously, while I could always switch from soundcard (speakers plugged into that) to built-in sound (headphones on that), once I moved to the internal soundcard, the Creative card would disappear from that dropdown list, and I’d need to open the full audio device chooser applet, instead.

Now they all always show up in the quick-picker, saving me upwards of 10-15 seconds a day!


I’m still on Windows 8.1 and use NirCMD batch files to select outputs for my audio, even added two small icons near the clock, speakers/headphones and TV.

And of course also using 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for scroll up/down volume control when mousing over the taskbar area.



Wait. What quick picker? I switch between headset and speakers often too.



It’s really night and day. Notepad++ offers way fewer features but still does code highlighting, themes, and other things (though not nearly as well) and uses ~9MB of memory. 11 tabs.

VS Code with 4 tabs open and a single directory open in the tree on the left was using 400-600 MB depending on the actual action I was using in the interface.


I haven’t had to worry about memory usage in any environment for, what, 10 years now? If that’s still a concern then Notepad++ is going to smack the crap out of VSCode. Statically linked C++ code vs dynamically compiled javascript bytecode? That won’t ever be close.

I mostly care about startup speed, and Notepad++ probably still wins that but not by any margin I care about (at least on a modern machine with ssd).


I’m just bringing it up because this went like

notepad++ is cool
you should try Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code isn’t very performant
it’s plenty performant

And I just wanted to back myself up. I got curious when you guys were saying they were optimizing the thing so I pulled up Task Manager and checked. I also rarely care about RAM since I have 32 GB in this thing (purchased before prices spiked)


It doesn’t happen often. Just keep your files backed up and hope you did not lose a day’s work.