Windows 10


Since we’re talking text editors, I highly recommend Sublime Text 3 to anyone looking for a new text editor. Has all the features/advantages mentioned above, and then some.


Is it worth the $80 they want for a single user (compared to something like VS Code?)


Since it’s one of my main tools, both at work and for personal projects, I’d pay $80 for sure. I actually paid $60 for it a while back.

VS Code came out some time after I fell in love with Sublime, so I’m not sure how they compare. From what I’ve read, they are about equal, although Sublime is faster and VS Code is cheaper and a little easier to customize. It probably boils down to personal preference, job requirements and cost. I’d recommend trying both if you use text editors as much as I do.


Sublime is python rather than electron, so it will be much faster for most things (especially startup speeds). Atom/VSCode I considered copycats of what sublime did. But free is hard to beat, and the plugin ecosystem for VSCode is huge. It is also the only go-forward solution for powershell with the ending if ISE due to Powershell Core.

The news about them adding simultaneous horiz/vert splits is great. I thought they came down hard on not adding that, so cool to hear they’ve had a change of heart!

All that said, I do still use N++ or EditPlus for minor stuff though just due to startup times.


I mean, goddamn. If I’m that worried about performance – idk, I’m time-traveling to 1987 or something or I’m in some tiny VM through three SSH layers – vim has me covered.

On any modern machine, yeah, I’ll use Code or even a real modern IDE.

I guess there’s probably some middle ground where I’m on a potato and I need something north of vanilla vim. But certainly not anywhere in my daily.


There’s something to be said for an editor that can be opened instantly. I use regular old Notepad frequently for exactly that reason, so that I can jot or paste something right at that moment. I don’t necessarily value this as much in a full-blown editor, since I almost always have it open anyway, but it is convenient and some people feel it’s particularly important.


I’ve been able to do this for years.


Yes, it’s an old feature. It only just now started to work in “both directions” for me for reasons unknown.


Oh, yeah. Just noticed the date on the article.


I am unable to shutdown from the login screen if a user is still logged in. It shows a shutdown message for a few seconds, but it goes away and just goes back to the logins screen.

Then, after not shutting down, I am no longer able to log in as that user. Just an endless spinning meter.

I have to cut power completely to get it to shut down.



This is noob level support, but maybe try creating a new user and see if it still happens on the new account.


Sounds like there might be a process running in the logged-in account that’s preventing the shutdown, and since it’s in shutdown mode you are unable to interrupt it to login to the account in question. Someone more tech-knowledgeable than I may have some pointers, but perhaps enabling verbose shutdown messages will help in tracking down the problem:


Sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond earlier, but huge thanks for posting this. Really appreciate it.

— Alan


No problem!


stusser, any idea why the key is so cheap there? I left your link open in another tab for a minute, and when I switched back, a “pick a coin to win!” flash pop-up had appeared. But you feel safe giving your CC number to that site?


I assume they’re grey-market keys from regions with cheaper prices.

I actually use PayPal, I don’t give them my credit card.

I’ve bought around a dozen keys from Kinguin so far with no problems at all, and all but one were games. In fact I’ve never really heard of anyone having problems with any title other than Guild Wars 2. Never buy GW2 expansions or gems from anywhere other than the sites they list as OK.


Well, the April update finally popped up on my PC. I was in no hurry to get it, so just waited until I was promoted to install. Took about a half hour. No major hassles right away, just minor annoyances like changing my background and putting an Edge icon on the desktop. We’ll see if anything more serious comes up in the next few days.


Did you have to give them your real address? If so, did that concern you?


I just checked and I did give them my old address. I moved since then but what’re they gonna do, show up with an entrenching tool and threaten me?


Haha yeah who knows. I also saw they apparently will allow bitcoin purchases but you have to have Euros as your base currency. Which is interesting but kind of takes the whole privacy aspect out the window if you have to put in your address and already IP detects you…

— Alan