Windows 10


Man the major Win10 updates just do not get along with my laptop.

1703 blew up my Office install (various stuff flat out crashed Office, particularly Onenote, documented in this thread above) which required a reinstall to fix

After I finally let 1803 through this past week, it somehow blew up DirectX (…Bad Image - dxgi.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error…) and apparently a bunch of other stuff. Rendering a ton of shit unusable - Edge/Vivaldi/Firefox all crashing (Chrome still managed to work - OpenGL I guess?). And apparently it’s a prerequisite for start menu search (Cortana now?) so that also broke.
sfc /scannow wasn’t able to repair since apparently it’s cache also got exploded, so had to f all back onto Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and a repeat.

Still going to keep my main desktop on Win 8.1 for the foreseeable future it seems.


Microsoft has more competitors now than ever, I guess. But, are they really in such dire straits that they can’t do adequate testing? Is mobile hurting them badly?


Microsoft pushed 1803 to my main PC over the weekend, so far 2 BSODs, both were random, one during a Fortnite load and the other surfing the web.



1803 has been a mess for me as well. It’s fine on its own, but the very first cumulative update kills the start menu and all window apps (like calc) Reinstalling windows saved the start menu, but store apps such as calc are still bonked.

I let support rummage through my computer on the off chance that they could do something, only to be told that my hardware “is not compatible windows 10”. Ok.


I’d customized my work Win10 machine so the current focused window had bold title bar text. Latest update apparently killed that ability. Thanks Microsoft, fuck you too.


Cortana tells me I can use her to give voice commands for things like search and apps. But is it possible to tie voice commands to hotkeys? In one of my software I’m constantly having to flip between frames and have to contort to reach my keyboard over my tablet. It would be much easier to say “forward” and “back” and have the voice command tie it to the “,” and “.” keys so I don’t have to press them. Possible?


You could presumably do that with Voice Attack.


So folks, I’m about to get Windows 10 due to building a new machine, so what do I need to turn off automatic updates, keep it from sending all my shit to Microsoft and all that nonsense?

I know I could Google it but I trust you guys more. ;)



There’s a long list of domain names attributed to Microsof you can block in your hosts file.
There’s also the Group Policy settings you can apply using “gpedit.msc”.
Services to disable (services.msc)

Shutup10 probably does 80-90% of everything you’ll need to disable. For the rest you can probably just install a good firewall, like Comodo Internet Security and block everything outgoing from your computer that you haven’t initiated yourself (just make sure you allow DHCP if you use that).


Thank you!


Don’t forget to sign up for a VPN. No need to give out free information to your ISP.

Also, avoid Android and Google! That just sucks know personal data.

Finally, the tin foil hat, the shiny side has to be on the outside for it to work.

Okay, that was tongue and check, but I semi serious about the VPN. It freaks me out how much information that can get from you!


If you’re not going to get updates, I suggest not plugging your machine into the internet at all.


I know folks who’ve had their machines reboot in the middle of games, streams and so on because it wanted to update. I don’t want that to happen to me in the middle of a podcast or whatever else.


Yeah, that only happens to stupid people.
You aren’t a stupid person, so you don’t have to worry about.
You do have to worry about viruses and joining a bot net.




Okay, I have to worry about stupid people joining a bot net, and taking down the east coast internet. Again.


I use Pi-hole. Blocks MS telemetry data for all the PC’s in the house.


I’ve had 10 on my gaming machine since the month it was released and that’s never happened to me.

But then, my machine wakes up at 2 am, applies whatever updates are needed and reboots itself (if necessary). While I’m asleep.



I do that already with anti-virus and backup shit.