Windows 10


God, I am so glad to be done with 3rd party Anti virus software. Windows Defender is just so much better.


Is it really? I’ve been using BitDefender.


What is your backup solution? I have not backed up my computers in decades because of the pure amount of data. I would have to have another hard drive to mirror my own it seems.


I have a mix. Important documents, save games and stuff onto Dropbox, all my gaming music onto an external hard drive.


Wow, Pi-Hole looks pretty slick. Gonna have to watch for good deals on Raspberry Pi units now.


Dude at work, network specialist, swears by pi-hole. I’ve been too lazy to set it up, myself.


I am usually up at 2am so that would suck.


I am sure the actual time can be changed. If that is the big concern.

It’s 9 PM here. Good night everyone.


You can also set “active hours” during which it won’t restart. And when they finally get an 1809 that doesn’t trash files (heh) released*, Game Mode can even pause updating entirely (downloads included) while you’re playing to minimize impact on machine resources.

*I managed to get 1809 before they pulled it on my Surface Pro and desktop and didn’t get bit by that bug, so its definitely an odd one. Be interesting to hear what the root cause was, beyond released the same update to Insiders and public simultaneously. Which is a real WTF? moment.


I’ll be rebuilding my system in the next week or so. Since everything but the GPU and SSD will be new, I’m sure I’ll have to convince Windows 10 that all is well (not reinstalling this time). Will I be OK so long as I have my W10 key handy, my MS login info handy, and follow the steps here?


If it’s a new motherboard, the chipset drivers probably won’t be compatible. Might need to reinstall Windows from scratch, since I don’t think the OS will run at all.

Yeah, that’s the joke. ;)


Thanks, guess I’ll just have to see what happens when I power it on.

Not that I’m adverse to reinstalling. Normally I prefer to start with a clean slate no matter what, but in this case I’d only installed Windows a few months ago. No biggie.


Is your Windows license OEM or retail? I can’t remember if it’s still true, but does Microsoft still not allow Windows OEM licenses to change motherboards? Asking for myself too.


I’ve done it many times over the years. Usually didn’t even need to call them up.


Nope, not an OEM license.


Any tips on how I can make the task bar slimmer when putting vertically to the left? In the current state, the notification icons are taking two columns instead of one.


Can you grab the edge of the task bar to change the width? That works on my desktop.


Can you change the format of the date and time to something that takes up less space? That should help.


I turned date/time off and I was able to shorten it by a pixel or two … and no, it’s still two column :(

I did that and my screenshot above was the minimum it could go.
I think I am stuck at this width.


The google suggested this:

That points to using an advanced feature of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. You may need to use a beta version depending on what build of Windows 10 you’re on.

I’ve no experience with it, but I wanted to know what’s possible so did the search. Never know when someone will ask me to help them with it. Good to know.