Windows 10


You’re right. That is the minimum it will go. In fact, my left side task bar is the same size. But I did not notice because my icons are really big.


I appreciate this. Thank you!


Well, just bought a Win10 Home USB from Microsoft for the new rig. Time to jump ship from 7 I guess. Sigh.


Wow, you held out far longer than I did. Nearly two years longer!
I went to Win 10 only because my pre-built rig came with it already. Otherwise I’d still probably be hanging on to Win 7. I loved Win 7.

However, I’ve had pretty good luck with Win 10, so I’m pretty well adjusted to it now. Still waiting for something to go horribly wrong, but it’s been smooth sailing thus far. This is also my first SSD computer, so even the biggest updates have gone really fast.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, cusses like I’ve never seen her cuss pretty much every time she fires up her Win 10 laptop, which she only does about every two to four weeks. Seems like every time she fires it up, there’s another update. On her computer, updates take anywhere from half an hour to two hours, sometimes longer. I’m thinking it’s because her laptop has a spinner HD, and she is also using my wireless connection from my 13-year-old router. Fortunately, nothing ever goes wrong; it just takes forever.


If I wasn’t upgrading to a new rig, I’d totally keep 7. I love 7 so much. But with a new rig, I’m not 100% sure everything will support 7, so it’s time to move on. I just hope 10 supports my beloved old joystick.


Which joystick is that?


Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. Best joystick made by God or man.


Oh wow. I’ve actually got a brand new one of those, still in the box. Amazon was discontinuing them, so i picked it up for like $60, as I’d heard good things about it. I just never got around to using it, since my trusty cheap Logitech Extreme 3D Pro never died.

I’ll be curious to see if yours works with Win 10, as I might bring mine out then. I’d almost forgotten that I have it.


According to reports like this one, it does work.

Here’s to hoping!


I thought this one was nice:

Certainly mirrors my own experiences, although I’ve yet to hit 18xx and have files deleted.


anyone else having build 1809 problems with Origin client not staying logged in and requiring sign-in each time, as if it’s a new IP/location with SMS/2FA? disabling stay logged in and logging in each session after closing client fixes it from stalling and expiring the login…but it’s only a workaroud.


Dodged a bullet there not updating to 1809. I waited about 4 months before jumping on 1803 anyway. When it comes to OS, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Because I still remember the days I had to reinstall Win 95 on floppy (13, IIRC) because of some BS file corruption. And the days when tech support would answer every question with “reinstall windows :))))))”.


So I’m installing this on my new machine tomorrow. How do I avoid these terrible updates?


PC Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options >


If you don’t use OneDrive or folder redirection, the file deletion bug doesn’t appear, as best I can tell. Do your homework if you do (I used to use some folder redirection in Steam before they allowed you to change your install directories, for example).


I do not use OneDrive at all, so yay!


The good old NTFS symlinks probably avoids the issue also.


I don’t either.


Need help if you all don’t mind.

I got Win10 free during their promotion phase, and don’t have a serial number or anything. I am going to do a fresh build with new PC parts. I don’t want to do an upgrade over existing messy system. This way I can also test my new build, while running current system til I feel comfortable all the new hardware works OK.

How do I do this when I can’t even find a serial number?


When you say you got Win10 free, do you mean that you upgraded from an earlier Windows? There would still be a Windows key associated with the original instance, and it’d be printed on the original install CD/DVD (or on the CD/DVD sleeve). You can also download and run a VBS script that extracts Windows keys (from the Windows installation, not from the installation media) when you run it, but I don’t have a link at the moment.

To install, I would download the Media Creation Tool and create a bootable USB stick with it.