Windows 10


We had a similar problem with AoE a few months ago. Turns out they servers had been friend by a massive thunderstorm.

Something g similar might be going on.


Policy of hard refusal to interact with Windows store reaffirmed!


Did they put up a new version?


The aoe definitive edition affected me months ago too. It was just that specific game at the time where it lay broken an entire long weekend.

The ms store/games for windows sucks.


The problem with AE DE back then was title specific I mean. I can download/install/reinstall/purchase again today.


Was it? I thought it coincided with a huge outage at their servers.


It might have been! I’d be curious if you have any links/sources on the post-mortem for that? I also remember it affecting the odd other app like Dropbox.

Re: Torrex, Finebits has a 73% bundle (Torrex Pro, Metro Commander Pro, 8 Zip Pro and Internet Browser Pro for Xbox One) off sale right now. Is this worth $12.79 CAD?


Sadly, I did look, but I couldn’t find the right search terms.
I do remember Windows Weekly talking about it around the same time, which is why I think they are connected.

Something about how a thorough back up system bit them in the butt.


Wait what… there’s a market for selling a torrent client?


Well of course. You could copy one from your friends onto a 5 1/4" floppy, but I can’t think of any other way you could get one.


No, don’t copy that floppy!


That’s Office 365 rather than Windows, but I’d be unsurprised to find similar issues with the OS.


They pretty much covered Win10 already, MS is extremely transparent about Win10 telemetry as of 2018. You can see what’s being transmitted and even examine the contents of each payload.

What they don’t allow you to do it turn it off. But they are transparent.


Couldn’t have happened to nicer people, hopefully it ends in a record fine.

And just maybe, that will make them rethink the Win10 disable telemetry noption.


I certainly hope so. It’s annoying having to run Shutup10 again after every update.

Same with Nvidia’s driver telemetry. I disable that crap every time too.


It’s insane to me that the Windows updater doesn’t tell you why you’re not getting the latest major update. All it would need to say is that you should update or uninstall these apps to get the October update, then list them.

As it stands, I have no idea why I’m not getting the October update, and I don’t want to risk forcing the install since everything is running OK right now.


It sounds like, despite MS un-freezing the October rollout a few weeks ago, very very few users actually have it (like, less than 5%) from what I read earlier.


They said they were going to be very conservative about the rollout.

While the April Update had the fastest Windows 10 update rollout velocity, we are taking a more measured approach with the October Update, slowing our rollout to more carefully study device health data. We will offer the October Update to users via Windows Update when data shows your device is ready and you will have a great experience. If we detect that your device may have an issue, such as an application incompatibility, we will not install the update until that issue is resolved, even if you “Check for updates,” so you avoid encountering any known problems. For those advanced users seeking to install the update early by manually using “Check for updates” in settings, know that we are slowly throttling up this availability, while we carefully monitor data and feedback.


This is smart, but the lack of transparency is not. They should be reporting why I am not getting the update.


Does Microsoft still sell OS installation disks, or is everything online now? I keep getting questions at work because we used to sell them here (but before my time).