Windows 10


Yikes! Your post just had me running to my PC to check my external drives. All are fine after yesterday’s update. Yeesh.

What Windows Update does break, EVERY FREAKING TIME, is my mixer. I use VoiceMeter Banana and a virtual audio cable for my recording and streaming, and every time there’s an update, I have to uninstall cable, reboot, uninstall voicemeter, reboot, reinstall cable, reboot, reinstall voicemeter, reboot.

It’s kind of maddening.


I usually just have to reassign it as the default device and it’s fine. Windows just seems to slap it back on the hardware after an update.


I wish it were that simple. Sometimes it is. But for bigger updates, gotta go through that whole rigamarole.


Only one more year of Windows 7 support left. :(