Windows 10

The “Mobile UI” Abomination would be a blessing if it were removed, aye.

Metro is fine on phones. I like it better than Android.

Sigh. I was hoping to stick with Windows 7 for another year, but I might upgrade due to this unless MS can patch it really really soon. I switched to Firefox already, but it probably is not enough. Am I overreacting?

There are 0 days that are discovered for Windows 10 also.

And since Win7 is still supported, it too gets security patches.

Firefox is safe from the Chrome exploit, but maybe not the WIn7 one.

Best thing to do is to run one of those browser with an extension like uMatrix as well as disabling all ‘fancy’ features like Flash, PDF in browser, etc.

Umatrix takes a bit of use to learn, but once you got it running you’ll usually avoid 3rd party javascript exploits that trigger a 0 day in your browser, at least. unless you allow everything in umatrix ofcourse, default it only allows running scripts from 1st party (i.e. the hostname you visit).

Also good idea to not surf the web with your logged in user, if it has admin rights. So either launch-in-another-username the browser, or login to your computer as a “normal” user with no permissions.

Does anyone have a problem with the search box. It’s not doing anything for me. I key a string and it doesn’t auto-complete or anything else.

When I double click on it I get a cortana panel so I’m guessing it might have to do with MS wanting me to speak with me PC ( I don’t).

I use it to launch apps that I don’t use regularly and did not create short cuts for. Really annoying that it’s not working.

Probably need to specify which build of Win10 you’re on as MS tends to break things depending on which version you’re at.

Run -> Winver
Like this:

Do not have that issue here, then again, I do not use search/cortana.

You’ve got the exact same Windows version I do!

Any news on why we’re not getting 1809 yet?
I kinda want to get it over with, though Windows is running perfectly right now.
I mean, my gf got 1809 many weeks ago on her stupid lame laptop, so I’m wondering why my gaming desktop won’t get it. And no, I won’t force it. It’s just something that’s been bugging me every time Windows does an update, and it doesn’t go to 1809.

MS’s policy lately has been “if ain’t it broke, we’ll break it for you”. So I’m kind of happy that I’m still on 1803 and they are not forcing me to upgrade. I don’t have RTX card so there is no hurry.

I’m perfectly happy as well, and glad to know I’m not the only one still rockin’ with 1803.

It’s just that IIRC, 1809 finally got fixed and released in Nov. 2018, so I was beginning to worry that my updates weren’t working properly. I’ve just never had to wait this long before, and when my gf announced that her ancient laptop installed it in February, I kept thinking, “any day now…”

But hey, as long as this is considered normal, I’m happy to wait. My PC is currently running like new, so I’m not anxious to push my luck. :)

I’m still on 1803 as well.

Dunno really. I’m running Enterprise LTSB, and not eager to be guinea pig for Microsoft chasing a CI/CD pipeline without QA. That said, I heard that The October 2018 release is finally ready to go mainstream, so maybe it will work out once we get it.

Apparently if you run a manual update check you might be offered it.

I think an upcoming version of Windows 10 will be given the code name ‘Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.’

I got the same version as you.


My dad’s PC (an aging but still capable Intel 920-based Dell XPS) was for some reason still on 1803. Running ‘check for updates’ automatically patched it up to 1809.

Reason I was looking into it was my parents have some sort of support contract thing with a local PC shop and the shop sent a notice saying the machine was too old to be updated or some such nonsense.

This exact issue happened to me last week. It was somehow automagically resolved within a couple days of aggravation (a few restarts later, basically).

I’m in 1809, fwiw. Seemed to happen around or after a .NET update, but I’m not sure if that was the actual cause.

I didn’t get the update option for 1809 until today myself, and that’s just because someone mentioned it here that I went to go check. I’d been checking too since it was mentioned back in the fall. Just hadn’t for a couple of weeks.

Doh. I took a look and it said I was on 1803, but was up to date. Something compelled me to hit ‘check for updates’ regardless. And now it is grabbing 1809.

I’m waiting for Windows 10 2000 or Windows 10 XP.

Surely you’d want Windows 10 SE.

Think I still have a special edition Win98SE cd in a box somewhere, remember back in the days they sent the beta testers a commemorative CD once they went rtm.

Pshaw! Windows 10 New Millennium is where it’s at! :P

Windows 10: New Dawn