Windows 10


The “Mobile UI” Abomination would be a blessing if it were removed, aye.


Metro is fine on phones. I like it better than Android.


Sigh. I was hoping to stick with Windows 7 for another year, but I might upgrade due to this unless MS can patch it really really soon. I switched to Firefox already, but it probably is not enough. Am I overreacting?


There are 0 days that are discovered for Windows 10 also.

And since Win7 is still supported, it too gets security patches.

Firefox is safe from the Chrome exploit, but maybe not the WIn7 one.

Best thing to do is to run one of those browser with an extension like uMatrix as well as disabling all ‘fancy’ features like Flash, PDF in browser, etc.

Umatrix takes a bit of use to learn, but once you got it running you’ll usually avoid 3rd party javascript exploits that trigger a 0 day in your browser, at least. unless you allow everything in umatrix ofcourse, default it only allows running scripts from 1st party (i.e. the hostname you visit).

Also good idea to not surf the web with your logged in user, if it has admin rights. So either launch-in-another-username the browser, or login to your computer as a “normal” user with no permissions.