Windows 7 and mapped network drives question

You know when you map a network drive under Windows 7 and then it prompts you for the user name and password, there is a checkbox that says to remember the credentials.

It never seems to do this. Is there a way I can set it up so that when I reboot that these drives actually come back and I do not need to enter the credentials every time?

You could run a script at startup to map the drives and include the login info in the script.

Recently had to do this for work since I’m running a beta university build of Win7 and don’t have direct access to the network shares all the XP machines see by default.

I think the terminology is:


Type that into a Notepad file, save it as All Files with the extension .bat, and drag it into your startup folder.

Thanks, Ill try that. Do you also know how to run a script as admin? It seems these drives will be only mapped for a normal user, but if (just as an example, you run NotePad.exe as an admin, then try and save a file to S: (mapped drive) you will also need to enter credentials again.

I have some apps that run as admin and they need to access network shares and I use this trick to re-map them whenever I reboot. It is kind of annoying. The startup.bat file will work for non-admin programs, but Ill still have to manually do the other thing unless I can run a startup script that runs as admin to do what you suggested.

I believe if you use the credential manager and input your data there directly Windows remembers the data.

Ahh I see that, and it says persistence: Logon Session. Can I change that to permanent? I do not see how to do that from the GUI there.