Windows 7 feature: cracked before release

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Interesting read, but wrong sub-forum?

Why? I’m not interested in the technological part of it, I just thought it was an interesting step in the DRM arms race.

It’ll probably wind up like previous versions, where they won’t be able to use Windows Update, so they’ll have to distribute and install all the usual updates separately. They’ll just try and make using a pirated copy annoying, rather than shooting for impossible.

Really? You think this is going to somehow create some new ground for this debate?

Given that with the pre-order program Microsoft is practically giving away Windows 7 at the consumer level, I don’t think there were too many people who were going to say “Oh snap, I was going to buy the upgrade, but now I’ll just download it!” MS makes their money off of OEM licensing fees anyway.

Yes, I do. I don’t really care about the videogame industry’s decisions on this topic nor does the RIAA amount to more than an annoyance. But I do think how companies like Microsoft deal with something on the scale of their new OS is interesting, particularly when the leaks are happening at such an accelerated rate at what appears to be a level that’s more difficult to reverse than the usual leaked enterprise editions or cracked serials in the past.

Yeah, that’s probably true. I was just impressed with how well they’d handled the progressive release of 7 so far, and wanted to see what the reaction would be on the part of MS to this issue.

Actually, you could only get an EU pre-order within an hour or two of it becoming available. By the time I tried to get one they were already sold out.