Windows 7 Theming

I like to customize my Windows interface and I usually use WindowBlinds to do this but … well, their site doesn’t really have a ton of new themes on it and while I like what I’m seeing in the current demo I’m not sure that WindowBlinds is really the way to go in these days of Windows7.

Does anyone have recommendations on what the latest and greatest and most popular theming software is these days? I know that Windows comes with themes but they’re pretty basic and generally amount to collections of wallpaper and color changes. I like stuff to get a little more adventurous.

Rainmeter gets a lot of love at Lifehacker. I don’t use it but people do some pretty creative stuff with it.

I wish I was savvy enough to use rainmaker.

Rainmeter looked interesting but in the end, it appears to be a gadget system that doesn’t do much for skinning running applications and stuff like that. It’s just for the desktop itself (notice they never show any apps running in the screen shots). :-/ doesn’t have enough themes for you? My mind boggles somewhat…

How about diving into deviantarts? The category is customization/skins/windows7/*. There should be Windows-based themes, although the first one I clicked mumbled something about hacking windows first. (This was necessary back in XP days, but I didn’t think that it’s still needed in W7!)

WinCustomize has tons of themes. Tons and tons of terrible themes. :)

Yeah, I hear ya. I used to go there one day a year, sort the themes by downloads, and browse away for half a day. Even then, I have to page past all the MAC clones and the wood grain themes.

Here’s my current XP theme, made 5 years ago! Sustenance. Hmm,…I wonder how I found this last year?