Windows 8 this year? Maybe

This, really. Until office jobs change fundamentally, or speech recognition becomes good enough to actually do what people want in a natural way, keyboard use won’t go away.

At home, it’s another matter entirely. Most people at home aren’t making presentations, writing large documents, or using spreadsheets in any significant way once they get out of college.

SQL Server based filesystem?

Are they ever going to actually do that? Did they kill that idea completely?

they do n most time u can tel wich 1s thos r.

It used to be that I was only subjected to that sort of thing in text messages or the occasional personal email, but now I get that in business emails too.

OTOH, my first post in this thread was posted from my iPhone. The caller is inside the house!

And you’d never get words like “wich” and “tel” into a phone-typed email, not in the modern world of autoreplace. You might get some weird word substitutions, but these days you’d generally have to go out of your way to send a message with that sort of broken English.

The Win7 thing is in there as a self-contained sub-environment, like MACOSX’s “Classic” mode, or Win7’s XP Mode. It’s clearly intended for back-compatibility, not for primary interaction. It remains to be seen how broadly “primary interaction” is defined, since I can’t really imagine Microsoft rewriting Office in HTML5…

Wireless keyboard plus tablet is, if it’s packaged well, just a laptop with a touchscreen, and touchscreens on laptops kinda suck.

Tablets are “popular” in some sense, but they’re not nearly as popular as keyboard/mouse desktops, and it’s not just CAD or whatever that works best with a keyboard. Even normal, everyday things like copy-paste in a word processor are easier with a mouse than a touchscreen, unless you’re using comically large font sizes. Tablets may be okay for people to do light email from, but if you’re sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day at work, doing Officey sorts of things, you’re going to want a real keyboard/mouse.

But not very well. Sure, you can dash off a couple of sentences on a phone without too much trouble, but beyond that any sort of substantive communication quickly becomes laborious.

Speech recognition is never going to become prevalent for any but the most trivial tasks either. As anyone who’s ever worked tech support can tell you, getting things done by voice commands, even when followed perfectly, is singularly inefficient.

You think the Win8 kernel is written in HTML5? Of course Win32 is going to remain the primary API and HTML5 is an optional new API, not the other way round…

I’m not ready for Windows 8… I have a Windows 7, Windows Vista, and 2x Windows XP machines sitting at home, plus an unopened copy of Windows Upgrade I’ve been too lazy to install on one of the XP machines. All of this, and my newest machine is like 5 years old. Go me.

Is this going to be on consoles, because it seems like it is a dumbed down version?

I feel completely abandoned by microsoft now. I don’t want a smartphone ui on my desktop and i can’t imagine who really does. A desktop is capable of more than that and should not be lowered to the lowest common denominator.

Somehow i doubt they will be programming the next version of windows using Windows 8 as an OS.

Sure they will. Microsoft will simply bundle mouse and touch interface in the same SKU, probably asking during installation which input device you have. Nobody’s going to do any programming using the touch interface, that’s for sure.

If only Microsoft had known that the future of UI was solid-colored squares, we could have had the Windows 8 experience 15 years early!

The primary UI of Win8, as we’ve seen it, is the UI that supports HTML 5 apps. You can run classic Win32 apps, but they run in a little classic ghetto, where the whole Win7 desktop is treated as just one app in Win8.

Meanwhile, the Silverlight/WPF community is in mourning, as it’s now clear that C#/.NET/XAML aren’t going to replace Win32 ever – if anything ever does, it’ll be HTML5. Did I mention how shocking that is?

Sorry, ‘widgets’ is probably the wrong word but it’s what sprang into my head when I heard that they were using HTML5 and Javascript.

Win64 surely…

Oh, and plus of course Win8 is intended for ARM devices as well as Intel, and “Classic” apps won’t work on ARM – it’s only the new, HTML5-based apps that will work on ARM devices.

I’m not so sure that’s a significant problem.

And yet it happens. Every person I know with a smartphone finds a way to disable autoreplace after the first time it sends something embarrassing they don’t see before hitting send. My android phone helpfully does things like capitalizing the “i” when it’s by itself or part of “I’ll”, and capitalizes days of the week and puts in the apostrophes I leave out of “dont” (it never puts an apostrophe in “ill”) but if I type “wich” or “tel” or many other random misspellings, it leaves them just as I type them.

Sweet, I just placed an order for a Lenovo convertible tablet PC thingamajig. Hmmm, I wonder why MS has comments disabled on their YouTube channel.

They still call the API Win32, even on 64-bit systems.

No you don’t, you big liar.