Windows and Mac, talking to each other

So I have to set up a wireless network in my house.

Unfortunately, two of my computers are on Windows OS and another two are Macs. Is there anyway that I can get these computers to talk to each other over the network?

Very easy. Just set up Windows File Sharing on the two Windows machines and share out the directories you want to access on the Mac.

Then, go to the Network icon in the OSX sidebar and browse out to the PC. It’ll ask you for a password but you can just click OK.

This is just like that commercial with the middle aged guy and the kid holding hands. If I were the middle aged guy, I would scratch my nuts.

I love the execution of those ads, but the campaign is frustratingly stupid. Especially since after all the buildup, they had a “Macs can now run windows!” spot which created the giant logic hole of “Wait, you’ve bashed PCs for months now, and now you’re crowing that you can run Windows too?”

There’s some funny things about those ads. Like the implication that you can only do all of the “fun” stuff with your Mac. Dell should run an ad that says, “Um, except, you know, play games.”

Even better, anyone who knows those two actors realizes the stodgy PC guy is much cooler since he’s on The Daily Show. The other guy is a whiny actor whose voice cracks all the time.