Windows beyond XP?

MMD3 is damn nice. I also like D-Shock, but it isn’t as usable. I don’t even really like WinAMP. I was a K-Jofol user until the developer signed with nullshoft to design the new skins system for WinAMP 3. I used FreeAMP after that and loved it, but I think my MP3 collection got too big cause now it crashes when I try to run it. FreeAMP’s music management interface was great for creating playlists. It also looked good, and was fast, but it’s dead in the water as far as I know. Maybe that guy works at nullsoft now too.

Could you post a link where I could download that particular skin? It suits me.

That’s the one I’m using. I sort of picked it at random. I don’t know the first thing about skins. I’m glad to see that I accidentally stumbled into a skin that is renowned…by at least one person, anyway…

I almost always use one of Steve Moss’ great skins (old 2.0 skins, I don’t dig realigned buttons and round future spheroids)

I don’t dig realigned buttons and round future spheroids

Heh. You would hate the skin I use on WMP most of the time: Le Crapouillot. It’s very…odd- there’s a couple of odd bits that it sprouts for the equalizer/playlists. And the geckos running around are cool.

Stand back! Plug alert!

Well if you’re into skinning, check out It has skins for pretty much every popular skinnable program. ;)

I’ve been using “Nucleo” or something like that. Longest I’ve stuck with a skin in ages.

If it’s anything as impressive as this winamp skin, I’ll dig it.[/quote]

I use that one as well. Nothing really compares. It is damned slick.

– Xaroc

I use MMD3. The Winshade mode is superb. Now that I’ve tried it I don’t see me switching skins ever again. It’s not the flashiest (although it is by no means ugly) but when it comes to pure functionality I haven’t found anything better.

Does anyone else find it interesting that a discussion of the next version of Windows evolved into a chat about favorite Winamp skins?

It’s ironic that even as Microsoft tries to standardize the interface we’re far more interested in how to customize it…
Or it could be a reflection of the types of personalities that would haunt a board like this…

The Power Pill

Could you post a link where I could download that particular skin? It suits me.[/quote]

Yeah. Post it please. I just waded through like 40 screens of bad skins trying to find it.

I don’t know if Microsoft can really be said to be trying to standardize the interface. I mean, ever since Win95 with the Plus! pack, you could apply different themes, and pick and choose different icons for things, and different sounds for different events and all that stuff.

I did post about 2/3rds down the first page. Here it is again =)

Winamp 2 forever!

I’m just here to post another vote for the SpyAmp skin. :)

Bah, might as well say that I have yet to make the jump to XP from win98. Too many legacy games that I fear I’ll never play again holds me back. The time is almost upon me though.

So Windows Longhorn will be BeOS. :P

That’s funny, that’s the winamp skin I use… Clean, simple, smooth.

That shouldn’t be an issue. If your computer is faster than 166 Mhz, it’s too fast to play many of your favorite DOS games.

But if you still want to feel that you have all your bases covered, find yourself an old Pentium computer and keep it in your closet as a security blanket.

Woo, you guys say a lot! Thanks for all of the information Mr. Case and guys. Very informative.