Windows Copilot - AI AI Cthulhu fhtagn!

Gah, fuck.

As with any feature of this sort, I sigh in relief that I’ve resisted “upgrading” to the new version. It’ll provide some time for people to figure out how to turn this shit off.

I imagine this is for the neophyte computer users out there, such as my father who called me this morning for help on how to attach a document to an email.

Most of us here will know how to do these tasks for ourselves faster than asking Windows to do it for us.

One of the examples is using Copilot to create a summary of a document for business communication. This is well beyond helping seniors figure out where to click.

Yeah, I get it. At the same time, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent a document to someone (customer or internal higher-up) that’s responded with “Can you summarize this for me?”

Ugh. A new “feature” that no-one asked for and almost nobody wants. Why Microsoft? Just make and maintain a version of Windows that concentrates on being actually good, then get out of your own way and stop making it worse with ads and etc.

I’m not so sure “nobody wants this” is accurate. We might not want it–I’m not really feeling the vibe on it myself–but I know a lot of folks who would probably eat this stuff up. Er, if they can figure out how to actually use it.

I’m actually excited for this, provided it works right.

I hate preparing slides, but if the AI can grok my corporate styles, and summarise reports into a few slides, it will save hours.

I also have excel sheets with hundreds of points, and if the AI can do a data analysis and immediately hide all the non-relevant rows for me, that would be a super time-saver as well.

This is me as well - I regularely hold up people at my office, yelling at them about AI, and the benefits we COULD reap from it, if used correctly. (I don’t really yell - I just talk animatedly).

For instance, I’ve over the past 1½ month been doing a project where I looked at all danish towns between a certain population number, and then had to found if the town had a certain kind of organisation attached to it. Its just manual labor - looking at facebook and googling and takes a LOT of time. I am convinced in a few years, I could get an AI to do this for me, more or less instantly.

Speaking of which, I came across this earlier today:

I look forward to googling articles on how to disable this system, and then to have it stealth re-enabled again with various windows updates.

“Windows Copilot, I will kill someone if you don’t disable yourself”

I already ask Bing what I want to know and it collates those into a response that is footnoted with the sources so I can double-click to validate. It’s such a time saver. Much better than ChatGPT.

That’s the end point for me. The only challenge I have with it is my boss telling the AI: “You already know what Destarius churns out every month and what he gets worried about. Now do that every month”, and then I get a pink slip.

Can you give me an example of this? I’ve just tried, but with limited succes. I wonder if there is a difference in capabilities?

Bing will show you where it went to get the answer and footnote them.

awesome - thanks for the example!

This is already possible. I work for a company where you can make AI presentations (even interactive). You can do a doc-upload (pdf/Word) and and have a presentation made out of it. Also uploadable to Powerpoint.

We currently have 6000 new accounts a day. Will be interesting to see wat Copilot will do to us. If you are interested, PM me.

Well, this just happened where I work, in no small part because an internally-developed AI tool was deployed that obviated the need for those folks. In fact, that likely was the main reason.