Windows crash minidump - safe to send to 3rd parties?

As per the thread title, does the minidump crash file contain personal info like the Windows PAK? (product activation key) I ask because a third party program issue I’m having due to a recent updated driver, causes BSODs and one of their own forum tech support guys asked me to attach the file. The program is Nero so I kind of trust them, but am not sure if the file is safe to post on a public forum. At any rate, whilst the question arises from this specific example, I’d like to know for future reference. I guess I could just PM the tech guy the file but I’d still feel uneasy if the file contains my Windows product key for example. What exactly is stored in a minidump anyway, and is there a program that let’s regular non tech savvy users view the contents?

Here’s a reference to the information it contains:

It shouldn’t contain anything too private, unless you happened to be entering your credit card number at the time and it was pushed onto the stack or thread registers at the moment it crashed… (rather unlikely)

Well, I’m still not sure if the product key is automatically appended to a crash minidump report. Doesn’t anyone here know this? Do none of you actually troubleshoot crash reports?

apparently that’s what you use to read dump files. I’ve never done it.

The dump file contains the instructions and data that were contained in the processor when everything went ka-ka. So if the problem occurs during the license key check, it’s possible that part or all of a license key may have been in the processor (and written to the dump file) at crash time.

but I doubt it.

I think if you tell the tech support person you’d rather e-mail it privately rather than post it in public, he/she would understand.