Windows Defender Issues?

Seems the morning Microsoft update I just applied messed up Windows Defender?

WTF Microsoft…

At least its not just me:

Uninstalling KB4549951 didn’t fix it.

Hmm, so 2 more reboots and defender is working again, maybe removing that update did help.

People actually use Windows Defender at home?

I doubt the use of any kind of anti virus software (the only efficient anti virus solution sits in front of the monitor, all the rest is bandaids and peace of mind) in personal settings, but I haven’t heard Windows Defender being described as anything more than useful against the most oldschool of malwares.

Every time I’ve done any sort of research on home security software windows defender always comes up at the top at most everywhere I look. Though it has been a few years since I’ve looked at it.

I dunno, it comes with windows so I let it run, and desire to see the green checkmark and shield. :)

It provides peace of mind.

These things also give me great comfort and peace of mind.

4-16-2020 9-20-49 AM

I got the same problem with the Threat service being unable to be restarted. I restarted Windows and it’s OK for now.

I wish Windows Defender would play nice with Mozilla Thunderbird. The program always hangs now for several seconds when starting. MS please fix!

Yes, windows defender is the lightest protection available and recent evaluations have found it to be quite effective. I agree that it’s not really necessary to run any sort of protection at all if you’re careful, but with incredibly fast storage and tons of RAM I find it just doesn’t make any difference.

In particular, I make use of the new-ish windows sandbox feature to test stuff downloaded from the web before running it on my main install. It works really well!

Read the the posts here and decided to just restart to see what happens. Windows Defender started right up. Logged in right after the update Windows defender was off and restart didn’t work. Restarted my computer without doing anything and now it’s running.

I just had this happen to me as well. Defender service stopped. Reboot set it right. Weird.