Windows Genuine Software crap

Last night I was switching a friend of my parents off AOL over to a local service provider and decided I really needed to do more extensive clean-up on their screwed up system (thanks AOL). Their computer is several years old and memory resident and auto-update features are slowing it down. (especially when they logon since they only have dialup). I found out they haven’t done an update since… well since they got the computer (even though they had windowsupdate set to autodo-everything).

At any rate… so I go to do the updates manually and it doens’t pass the windows genuine software thing. It’s a Dell machine and all their software is legal (and is still the original software install) is totally legit but all I get is "sorry, windows genuine advnatage windows validation failed). How do I get past this bullshit? Thanks for the help (I was pissed since it was the culination of 7 hours of work at1:00am last night and had planned for it to run updates all night)

I’ll just preempt Midnight Sun and say:

Did you actually go to the validation site? It doesn’t validate through windows/microsoft update, you have to go here and click validate.

If you all ready did that - sorry, but it’s a common mistake.

We were going through the normal “windowsupdate” option in Win XP. So I’m not sure if that link runs something separate from what we already tried. Anyone have a phone number (like the one they make you call when you’ve reinstalled your OS too many times)?

It won’t work from a Dell going through the regular windowsupdate option in WinXP. You have to go to that link, or another on their website, and click Validate.

I just had to do this last night.

Fuck WGA.

Whew. Thanks a ton MetK! I’ll be doing more work on their pc tomorrow (I think). I knew I could count on QT3 :)

I fucking hate Macs. I am looking at them from a software developer standpoint, not from a normal user’s standpoint. I really, really hate them. Steve jobs… don’t even get me started on a rant on how shitty mac development is and what a complete half-assed job Apple has done.

I’d really love to hear this one.

WGA fails to catch long “pirated” keys. MS staff bumbles about.

I’m into linux now, dammit. I like the wife’s mac, though.

If it still doesn’t work, call up Microsoft directly (hit 0 twice to bypass the automated voice service) and have them validate it for you.

This might help to get the required updates:


Nice deflection but we know who you are Steve.