Windows Home Server trouble

So, my WHS (HP MediaSmart) has inexplicably stopped doing automatic backups of my main pc.

Trying to start one manually gives me this message:
“The backup failed because of a problem with your Windows Home Server Connector software. The System event log contains more details.”

The logs makes no sense to me (but I can post, if they would help anybody). Google tells me I’m not the only one with that problem, but the solutions that I actually understood, didn’t work - but it’s not like there’s one common solution as far as I can tell.

So now I’m hoping that somebody with a WHS or just better able to understand these things, can point me to a solution.

It could be useful to see the full text of error or warning events from the Event viewer System log. When you double click an event to open it, there should be a button or link to copy the event info to the clipboard. You can tell precisely what events are related to this issue by a.) repro’ing the behavior and seeing what events match that time stamp or b.) the event category might say ‘connector’ or something similar.

I don’t run WHS Hanzii but a lot of things can affect that connection.

Some of the problems that could have happened:

  • Connector software is hosed
  • WHS admin password was changed
  • WHS firewall is blocking the connection

Try using this toolkit to check for what might be the possible problem.

I’m about to get one myself and you might be better served asking on the WeGotServed forums or something more WHS-dedicated than the QT3 Hivemind.

I just bought an HP EX490 for $399.99 CAD from here.

WHS just updated to Power Pack 3 on November 24th. It’s possible that you now need to update your connectors on each machine. I didn’t have to here, but I’m running the generic OEM version. In fact, I didn’t even know Power Pack 3 had come out until I noticed it when looking at things on the server last night and noticed it had upgraded itself.

I’m not home right now, but that date is about when it did the last backup (of my main pc - the other one is backed up every night)

Where do I check Power Pack versions and where do I find a new version of the connector software? Tried reinstalling from the server and that didn’t work

From the WHS Console, go to Settings/Resources. This will show you which power pack is installed. As far as how to install a new connector, that’s supposed to get updated automatically on machines after the server. You can manually install this though by browsing to the Software share, Home Server Connector Software directory.