Windows Live Local -- Google Earth, but with some GREAT pics

Runs slow as shit in Firefox, and in general, a big “meh”, except for the “Birds Eye” views – really high res aerial photos (may not be available in all areas… or actually, probably not available wherever you are).

But man, Check This Shit Out.

The aerial pictures are pretty lame, but they have my apartment complex back home in bird’s eye. That is awesome.

The A is me right now:

A practice!:

Need more information if I’m going to send you a postcard.

My house:'s%20House_

One of our cars is in the back driveway. Freaky.

Jebus, I feel all Enemy of the State-ish. Stalkers everywhere just had a joygasm.

Freaky. I find it somehow reassuring there’s no bird’s eye view of my house available, although I’m not quite sure why since I know a few minutes casual search will turn up my address and phone number.

Boy, this feels kinda weird knowing that my neighborhood has been photographed from space. The picture is way out of date though. They’ve since built a grocery store strip center a few blocks away and put in a major toll road. And my next door neighbors house is much bigger than I thought it was. :)'s%20House_

Pretty cool.

Man this thing runs like shit in Firefox. I did manage to find my old office in Seattle though and I am 99% sure my car was in the parking lot.

Give it time - all the Live products are still in beta and only running really well on IE6/7 right now. They’ll be adding more browser support to both and Live Mail I know for sure.

They’re using the same maps as Google maps, at least for the aeriel view. At least in my part of Sacramento.

Very cool to zoom in so far, but also very out of date. Pics of my house are >2 years old. Still, its interesting to get a clear view of all my neighbours gardens :D

The pic of my house was originally more than three and a half years old, because the car in the driveway wasn’t ours. In the amount of time it took me to write up my post, they updated the map. The new one isn’t completely recent (no snow on the ground), but it looks to be only a few weeks old.

The pic of my house was more than three and a half years old, because the car in the driveway wasn’t ours.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, Ben, but, well, that can mean other things…


They got my wife out in the driveway!

You know, it seems to work much better with Firefox today.

Yeah, well one of our cars would have to be in the driveway in order for it to mean that. Also, unless Mysterious Car Guy stole the landscaping that we did when we moved in, I think it’s just an old pic.


Anybody have the Address for the Playboy Mansion?