Windows Media Center (or Amazon MP3 thingie) deleted all of my music... all 40 Gig

Several nights ago I let Windows Media Center re-index all my music so it would stream to my Xbox properly again. Around the same time I purchased and let Amazon do it’s thing with the same folder. Today, I went to my music directory to listen to some music while I mod Kerbal Space Program… and My Music folder is empty except for a single movement of classical music. Everything else is gone - over 40 Gig including all the folders and file structures. I have a backup from like 6 months ago, so hopefully Amazon will let me re-download everything I’ve purchased since then. But I can’t figure out how one of these programs deleted everything except one song. The way I normally listen to music on my PC is to browse to My Music directory and hit “play all” on the folder - hence Windows media player plays it, but I don’t use Windows Media Player’s cataloging. The only thing I can come up with is WMP reset the setting to delete files that are not in the catalogue library. But that would mean a Windows Update had to have reset that setting without my knowledge. What are the chances? Any other ideas on something I may have done?

I hardly ever use WMP/WMC, but all I can say is that there seems to be a new version of WMP (11?) installed by Windows update in the last 3 months, and if you click OK at the setup notice (sure, use defaults, whatever…), it reassociates with mp3/avi/wmv files.

Can’t blame iTunes this time!

Try this for any files not in your backup. In the future backup more often. Crashplan is worth it.

This may be a stupid question, but is there any chance you’re not looking in the My Music folder, but rather the My Music library, which is now looking in non-existent folders for your music which is stored elsewhere?

I have a specific folder on a tertiary drive for My Music. I think it was that setting for “remove files not in the windows media library”. Microsoft has that on by default and that is just stupid.