Windows Media Player 12 - Windows 7

I hate downloading more crap and I have yet to find a media player that I actually like that isn’t a retarded resource pig of some sort so I just use the default windows 7 shit, however I finally noticed something today that is driving me nuts.

When I am playing anything in Windows Media Player 12 and have other applications open that has some sort of sound that comes through the volume in WMP dampens/lowers kind of like how car radios do when you get a call etc. Is there any way to turn this off that anyone knows about? I’ve been trying out my googlefu and have had zero luck with it.

In the spirit of being a dick and suggesting an alternative despite you not asking for one, have you tried mpc-hc as a better media player? Part of the CCCP codec pack too, if you want.

Definitely: Media Player Classic - Home Cinema. One of the recent SVNs if you know where to find them. Has built in codec support kinda like VLC these days so you don’t really need a codec pack. It also works well with WMV files which could sometimes be problematic in other 3rd party players. MPC - HC also has awesome support for hardware accelerated video decoding, plus cool pixel shader effects and bulletproof soft subtitle features. Even comes in 64bit. Really the only videoplayer you need on Windows these days. I only keep a copy of VLC around for the rare broken or corrupted video file that would never play in anything else. I never use WMP.

I notice that the link says MPC 64 does not support the internal MPEG nor Quicktime? Is there a later version of MPC 64?

Stick with the 32-bit build, even if you have a 64-bit OS. There’s no real speed benefit from the 64-bit build.

Does it have a mode similar to WMP known as Now Playing? Basically it provides an overlay that only pops up on mouse over, which is the reason why I really like WMP, let’s me watch stuff in a pretty seemless window but still have quick and easy access to the controls.

Control panel > Sound > Communications Tab?

Does that change it? I couldn’t reproduce the behavior so I’m not sure if that’s it or not.

That was one of the first places I looked, Mookee, and it’s already set to do nothing.

Not in windowed mode, although you can disable everything (including menu bar, etc) from showing apart from the video with ctrl-1 to ctrl-9

When I play files it always seems to open with an error box:

“No DX3D9.DLL found.” followed by some other text.

The file plays fine if I just click OK, but annoying to have that pop up for every file I play. Is there a “fix?” I’m running the 32 bit version, on Win 7 64 bit.

Stick with the 32-bit build, even if you have a 64-bit OS. There’s no real speed benefit from the 64-bit build.

But why? What’s the downside of getting the 64-bit if you have a 64-bit OS?

But why? What’s the downside of getting the 64-bit if you have a 64-bit OS?

The 64-bit version looks for 64-bit codecs, simple as that.

And what? They don’t exist? I’m honestly unclear what the issue is and I really don’t feel like proddng you for any more information. :)

Codec packs are evil. Hacked commercial codecs, weird version combos, and if something goes amiss with playback it’s a bitch to figure out what codec is causing it. Better to install the legal, legit versions of the codecs. Makes it easier to know versions, upgrade, and remove individual codecs if you have issues.

mpc-hc makes use of ffmpeg/libavcodec for video and audio decoding. It’s not officially supported on win64 because of some issue I don’t really understand. As well as that, it’s not faster and can’t use any 32-bit decoders on your system (which is less of an issue now, but can still be annoying).

As per the link someone else posted above, install the DirectX End User Runtime.

Some codec packs are like this, but the CCCP at least is not. I’m part of the CCCP team though, so of course I’d say that.

Ok well I started to use media monkey and it’s doing the same thing in there too, but I have never noticeid it in VLC. It must be a windows thing and now I’ve no idea where to adjust that setting, sigh.

Smplayer is nice.