Windows Mobile 6 Is Awesome

I just installed an upgrade to WM6 on my PPC-6700 and it has honestly breathed new life into my phone. It’s like a whole new phone. Everything is running faster and snappier than before, and it has the most amazing feature I’ve seen on a phone yet - I can run a program and make my phone work as a wi-fi router for it’s own cellular internet connection.

I’m typing this right now on my laptop connected to the net via WIFI to my phone which is using EV-DO. And getting a pretty solid 300 kbps from it as well.

Stuff like this should be more publicized - the technology is obviously there. You’d think this could be a major selling point for WM phones but I’d never known this was possible before.

What’s the program? Would be helpful to run a Wi-Fi network as needed for the iPod Touch…

You can also run it off of bluetooth. Drains the hell out of the batteries though.

The carriers usually disable that kind of functionality (Verizon’s version of the 6700 is incapable of using WiFi and cellular at the same time) so that people don’t try to actually use their data plans.

I’m about 90% sure that it’s against Sprint’s terms of service to use it that way, but hey.

Yeah. what’s the program? I don’t recall seeing the regular internet sharing prog on my Dash having that option.

WMWIFIRouter is the program. I believe with sprint there is plan you can buy for like $40 to legitimately use unlimited tethering off a phone. From what I’ve read online they don’t really make a fuss over occasional use as long as you aren’t chewing up gigs worth of bandwidth.

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Holy shit man, good catch. I’ve been looking for something like this ever since upgrading to Vista, which no longer recognizes the Dash for bluetooth connection sharing.

Does that software work on any non-gimped WM6 phone with WiFi?

I currently tether via bluetooth to my Symbian smartphone, but it’s only EDGE capable, and only class 12 at that. I’ve topped out downloads at 18kbps solid before, but it’d be nice to get rid of the bluetooth dongle (small as it is) on the lappy.

I’m about 90% sure that it’s against Sprint’s terms of service to use it that way, but hey.

Nupe, Sprint has no hidden limitations to their unlimited plans, and really doesn’t care what you do to your phone.

All the carriers have anti-tethering policies, but as others mentioned they don’t really mind (well, they do but they won’t shut you down) unless you’re using it as your primary connection.

Someone I know was using bittorrent while tethered to 3G and had his internet shut down the next day.

Yeah, if you’re using this for downloading gigs and gigs off of bittorrent they may notice and cut your service.

If you’re using it to do what you normally do with the phone - web pages, maybe some streaming video, email, and IMs then they really have no reason to try and figure out if the phone was being used as a tether or not.

Just don’t be a blip on their radar and things should be smooth - they want your continued business after all.

With Sprint I’ve read (over at that they don’t even bother tracking usage of the 6700 because it doesn’t have the internal switch to tell the difference between tethered usage and non-tethered usage that newer models have. Basically it logs onto the EVDO network the same way tethered as it does non-tethered and Sprint can’t do anything about it but wait until people upgrade to newer phones that are built with a tracking system.

Doh! So those of us with the Mogul are SOL… Foiled again!

(Of course, if GPS comes with the next update, I’ll definitely be happy again with my purchase!)

Well again, I don’t know that you can’t use this. Just that they may know if your tethering and depending on what you do with it they could cut your service or force you to upgrade to the tether plan.

There may be some way to disable or trick the phone using some sort of hack. It seems like there’s a hack for everything these days.

So I just tried to use my Mogul in tethered mode, with Sprint’s $15 data plan, and no go. It won’t even log in to the network.

Whatever they weren’t doing before, they’re doing now.

Hmm, can’t get it to work on my Dash. The app seems to run okay, but Vista just doesn’t see the network.

So that software basically tries to do what this stuff does?

Tries to do? It basically does what that stuff does, for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the size.

The only thing I think that device may do better is that it would be considered an actual access point. The phone uses an ad-hoc connection.

Sprint HTC Mogul/SERO Notes

It seems Sprint is up to shenanigans in regards to tethering for SERO users. Those of you running Sprint ROMs should navigate to the following registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing” and delete the string value named “Extension”. This will allow you to connect to the Internet via the Internet Sharing app without the dreaded error 67/authentication errors. Previous to this fix, Mogul SERO users would have to connect to the Internet via another method (such as starting Internet Explorer first) before pressing the Connect button in the the Internet Sharing application.

If you’re really paranoid (it has been concluded these entries have no meaning when using Internet Sharing), using a registry editor, navigate to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\WModem” key, and set the “CheckProfile”, “Multi-NAI” and “WModemDUN” DWORDS to a decimal value of “0”.

Thanks; that may come in handy yet.

Also, I feel I should mention the biggest advance in WM6: Solitaire has deal-one capability, instead of just deal-three, which means that I can actually win the damn thing more than occasionally. Sweet.