Windows sound woes

Very odd problem arose this weekend after I sprayed/vacuumed my computer (tons of dust).

When I re-attached all my cords, I noticed that my music and (maybe all my sound?) is quieter than before. I have Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 and it’s numerical volume control is a function of decibels (not generic volume). I have to run the volume almost 10 dB more than I used to have the same volume intensity as before.

So here’s what I’m confident of:

  • Volume settings for all devices (music, wav playback, midi, CD, etc) are now set HIGHER than they were before.

  • Creative settings are all the same as before (and I use CMSS 3-D Surround and that is the same).

  • Inputs are all in the correct line.

  • Music sounds slightly muddier than before (not as crisp/clear).

The onyl change is that the Windows volume thing is now showing. I could have sworn it wasn’t there before. I still have the creative volume panel.

Thanks for any ideas or help :)

You vaccumed your computer?

With a vacuum? A thing that generates a shit-ton of static electricity?

remember that winamp wav out actually adjusts your system wav volume setting, instead of scaling it just for the winamp app.

I have grills on the front of my computer that collect dust. I use plastic attachments (not the brush) to vacuum it out. Since I get very sick from dust, I have the vacuum running while I use air cansiters to blow out dust from inside my my case. In 20 years I’ve never had a static discahrge form a vacuum, and the threat of dust coagulation on fans is a much bigger threat that otherwise.

Bago - I don’t use winamp. This is such an odd problem.

Check that all your speaker wires are plugged it solid. Also, some speakers have a main central box for bass and which “breaks out” all the left and right channels and all that. Many times, this central box has a volume dial. Crank that bitch up so you can control the volume from your desktop or app.

Any of these things you may have simply bumped while cleaning.