Windows This One Goes to 11

Wasn’t the original idea with 10 that there wasn’t going to be another discrete release?

From the article:

Microsoft said in 2015 that Windows 10 would be “the last version of Windows,” so hopefully the presentation will offer some insight as to why the company has decided to call the next version Windows 11 instead of something like Windows 10.5.

Fair enough. I’d seen some previous posting about this and (foolishly, it seems) had presumed some explanation had already been offered. Apologies for being the guy that doesn’t read the article before posting, though - it was just the first thing that sprang to mind.

I don’t get it, was it gonna be Windows 10.353235 in 20 years?

It never really made sense to me, either.

I’m fine with them using the name Windows 11 if it’s just another feature upgrade like normal. If they make us go through new licensing and deploy this as a new OS though, I’m going to be pretty annoyed.

It is just another normal feature update, the name is for marketing purposes. Apple gets a big reveal every year with MacOS and iOS, Microsoft wants that too.

The problem is MS will now need to come up with major banner features, every single year. They haven’t had a fantastic track record on that. Iterative improvements, yes, absolutely. New features people care about-- not so much.

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All good Windows go to… Eleven?!

I agree, the thread title should have been lower-effort.

I love the thread title.

I must say that the new “snap” tool is a massive improvement.

Windows is just looking from the outside in. Step through to the other side of computing… Microsoft Doors 1.0.

I’ve got my vote in for Microsoft Live OneSystem.

They should go retro with the naming and go n back to years. Windows 2021.

Microsoft learned their lesson on timing with the year/month names, which they always, always, missed.

Microsoft OS Pass Ultimate for me.

So am I correct in assuming that Windows is just going to be free from now on? I remember that every time a new version of Windows would come out and you would have to purchase it and then they essentially begged everyone to switch to Windows 10. I’m happy to update to a new OS but I don’t see myself buying a new copy.

Microsoft OS Pass Ultimate for Windows One Live 11

Yes, it’ll continue to be a free upgrade.