Windows This One Goes to 11

The word you’re looking for is “forced.”

Win 11 is a free upgrade.

Software as a service nowadays… MS still charges for Windows for new PCs, but once you have a license on the machine, it doesn’t seem like they even try to get upgrade $ from consumers anymore.

As usual, no one wants or needs a new Windows but here comes Microsoft with more bloated bullshit they’ll force on all of us. Maybe Windows 11 will have even MORE features that think they’re smarter than I am that constantly adjust audio and video settings that I have to manually reset again every goddamn time there’s an update. Or maybe they’ll hide basic functionality behind yet another layer of dumbed down cluttered UI so I have to dig through six menus instead of five to change network adapter settings or mouse sensitivity. Can’t wait!

MS just hit $2 trillion in stock valuation today.

They don’t need to charge for for Windows upgrades. Indeed, it’s against their interest. They want to serve you OneDrive and Xbox Game Pass and Office 365 and all that stuff, and getting you on the latest version of Windows helps them do that. And the bad old days of having to support umpteen versions of Windows is a headache. That’s why their strategy is to get everyone on Win10, and now Win11.

Xbox OS. Bold move by Microsoft.

Getting everyone on the latest Windows also lessens their maintenance and security work.

I spent part of last week applying smbv1 security patches to Windows Server 2003. 😁

I just hope to some performance upgrades from this.

Me too, but I recently came across this article that suggests performance will remain middlin’.

Better than making it worse, certainly. Converting my poor old laptop from 7 to 10 crushed it flat.

We’ll find out in 12 hours exactly.

Don’t expect any performance improvements. It’s just Windows 10, with some incremental feature improvements and a somewhat changed UI.

I’m wondering if they do something “clever” and decide to call it Windows II instead of Windows 11.

About to start…

Panos kicks things off. Interesting.

Panos is so different than most MS execs at these things. He’s more Apple than MS in some ways. It’s about emotion for him. Gates and co are always about tech.

And the stream is freezing up. Great job, MS.

Allocate more of those cloud servers, MS! So many freezes.

Full Teams integration… wow… I can see the lawsuits coming from Zoom and Slack.

Why? 234