Windows This One Goes to 11

Also note the Android app stuff requires an Intel CPU, won’t work on AMD (unless someone figures out how to hack it in).

Sounds good for a refresh.

Yes as expected, it’s fine. Incremental improvements, generally good stuff, but nothing special.

Auto HDR is nice, and hopefully will drive HDR on Windows so better monitors exist. Android apps on Windows could be neat, although mobile apps on desktop are typically a terrible experience, and you can’t do it with an AMD CPU.

Everything I’ve seen so far is either a “oh, that’s cool” or “ok, I guess” and as long as my upgrade is free, I’ve got nothing to complain about.

I bet the release date is 11-11.

I wonder if Windows 11 will let us paste text.

I read an article somewhere the other day – too lazy to Google – that someone messing with a dev build found evidence that Windows 7 owners (I think they found keys relating to Win7) may be able to upgrade directly to 11, as well, and 8.something but not probably 8.0.

He was kind of the Mozart of bullshit, wasn’t he?

I’m personally hoping for a sarcasm filter ;)

I mean there’s a lot in this presentation focusing on Windows on Tablets, so it’s not JUST desktops.

He said they’re bringing Android to Windows via the Amazon App Store, though, which is…less thrilling. But okay. It’s something, and I’m intrigued.

I don’t like that it requires UEFI and TPM 2, though. That might make things difficult for people (like me) who have dual-boot with Linux, for instance.

Coming up at noon Pacific. Microsoft Windows 11 stream for developers. Hopefully MS will get a bit more technical.

Ryzen 5900X, 32GB of RAM, 8TB of free space.

Linus had a version on his show with that same issue and the culprit was that it was only allowed to run on VMs.

Dunno where you got yours, but that leaked version had that check.

Check your BIOS and see if TPM 2 (or fTPM 2) is enabled. It’s often not enabled by default; if you enable it, this should fix that problem.

EDIT: Source -

That’s the leaked build. MS has released a tool that checks your system for Windows 11. Lots of people running into issues.

Sounds like it really wants UEFI, TPM 2.0, and Secure Boot. Mine says I can run Windows 11, even though I do not have Secure Boot on. I do have TPM 2.0 on my desktop.

You will be able to install and run it on non TPM hardware, but MS trying to get manufacturers to include TPM on all systems.

Dev stream starting in a minute.

Thanks. Yeah, I knew it would run and was probably TPM. I enabled it in UEFI, and of course, now it can run Windows 11. :)

The no-Android apps on AMD sucks. Only occasionally useful, but it would be a nice perk.

As I get a discounted family 365 plan, mostly to give everyone in the family 1TB of Cloud storage, the Teams integration might actually be useful for family chat since we all have MS accounts. We tend to just use the web interface for Google messages, but the integration of calls/videos is useful.

There are 3rd party equivalents for Snap Layouts, but the implementation looks good. I like it!

MS Power Toys was also doing that fancy snap stuff, but it was totally not user-friendly to set up.

Looks like they figured out that they shouldn’t just keep it in Power Toys.

Gotta respect taking no cut of in-app purchases or anything that has its own commerce platform.