Windows This One Goes to 11

Right clicking where? I don’t have any delay in explorer, either the new castrated menu or the full one.

Say, on a file to cut/copy paste. There’s a delay until it populates the menu on a 5800x.

I don’t have delays on my 12700k, 3900X desktops, or a Ryzen 5800H laptop. Unless you’re talking microseconds, in which case our tolerances may be unaligned.

It’s less than a second but you can see the menu get populated

5900X and I don’t see a delay.

Are you on 22H2? MS did a lot to optimize the speed of the UI.

Other than that, make sure all your drivers are up to date, including the chipset drivers.

No delay here on my little laptop, which is a 5850U so a bit slower. Menu pops right up pretty much instantly.

I’m on a Surface Pro 5 with i7-7660U and it’s noticeable to see the menu expand/contract at the moment. Even in the Ryzen the delay is enough to throw off me using the keyboard hot key to quickly select one of the context options that appear. I’ll capture a quick video.

Well, to be fair, the SP5 does not meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

Yes it could be me conflating my time on the Surface only. I’ll have to spend more time on the Ryzen.

Related, does anyone know what sometimes causes lag/freezing dragging files between two Explorer windows? It almost looks like it’s trying to load thumbnails to show in the stack of files under the pointer.

I’m seeing the same thing on a Surface Laptop Studio (Core i7-11370H and RTX 3050 Ti). Very brief delay when right-clicking on a file or folder. Longer delay when Choosing “Show more options” from the context menu that comes up.

Also annoyed that we have that “Show more options” instead of just having a submenu as we always did in Windows 10 and previous versions.

If it’s another HDD you’re dragging to, often it’ll be sleeping if it’s not been accessed in a while and needs to wake up before it can show a directory and let you drop files.

Same can happen with network drives I think.

Try this

There are some brilliant people at Microsoft, I know, but they still make some absolutely baffling decisions.

Thanks @Calelari

They do. I have a feeling it’s not the brilliant people at Microsoft making the baffling decisions, though. :)

Dumb question time. In a week (I hope) I’ll be doing a fresh install of win11. I have win10 now. Is Win11 free like win10 was? Or do I have to buy it?

Exactly the same.

Free? I was confused cause I saw someone on Reddit complaining about paying $100 for Win11 yet it’s getting ads in the start menu.

If you’re installing on a motherboard where you previously had an activated Win 10 license, then 11 will activate.

If it’s a new motherboard, you need a new license.