Windows This One Goes to 11

Why would anyone implement this feature this way?

ElReg went into detail on the Pixel version, don’t know if Windows is the same but seems likely given the timing.


Edit: I tested this out and the bug only happens if you:

  1. Take a screenshot and save to disk. The snipping tool does this automatically in your pictures directory under home but the bug also occurs if you manually save elsewhere.
  2. Crop it in the snipping tool
  3. Overwrite the file you created in step 1

As if I didn’t already have enough anxiety from performing minor tasks on a cellphone. (the buttons are small and I can’t right click which is 99% of windows)

It does look like the Pixel bug is much more impactful, unless you follow the procedure I listed above on Windows.

Oh crap I use that snipping tool all the time.

On a pixel phone? Oof, if so.

I feel much better about the Windows bug since I tested it out-- I don’t actually use it in that manner. This is still a huge problem, if people do in fact do that.

Yeah, neither of these are things I actually do. I have a Pixel but I don’t think I’ve ever used Markup, and I don’t crop screenshots in Windows, I just snip the bit of screen I want to capture to begin with.

I think you’re okay if you’re just cutting-and-pasting (I do it all the time). Seems like the problem is if you save a snipped image, it actually saves the entire screen and then has instructions on which parts to snip when you open it.

Yikes, what a horrible, horrible, horrible idea.

No, sorry, on Windows 11.

Oh I just use it to copy and paste. Whew.

So I’m getting my new PC set up and now that I’m on Windows 11, what are some apps/utilities I need to have?

I’ve already got Start11, EarTrumpet, and QuickLook. What else?

You might consider PowerToys. A bunch of utilities in there that improve some things a bit, depending on your usage.

I used to tweak Windows a bit more than I do these days, but having a toolkit of utilities is pretty standard. Others will certainly have more tips.

Voidtools Everything

1000x this. I friggin’ love that thing. As a matter of fact, I have the window up now as I just used to it track down where a file was buried.

+1 for MS PowerToys, it’s all you really need.

It’s built-in ‘run’ search/launcher module is almost as good as Everything (though you ideally switch search in Windows from ‘classic’ to ‘enhanced’ also), and it has a heap of other useful stuff. :)

Depending on your video habits, you might also want the HEVC extension:

Everything looks like a great little utility; I’ve added it to my kit. The unfortunate thing is that I’m so friggin’ organized that I rarely use search for anything. Still…

So I’ve been using Windows 11 for a few days now and I have to say that I don’t hate the taskbar and start menu. Of course I’m using Start 11, but I haven’t modified the stock settings much.

Lots of stuff, like dumb little things like system sounds, is just more pleasant, and I thought Windows 10 was pretty great.

Phone Link to iPhone is not in yet, but it’s apparently “coming soon.”