Windows This One Goes to 11

And nothing of value was lost.

Seriously, I know of not a single person that ever used Cortana in Windows.

It’s also a problem with the state of digital assistants everywhere, I think. I use my Echoes frequently, but it’s mostly just turning on lights and setting timers and such. I never use Siri. And anyone else that has digital assistants seem to use them more as toys or for playing around, asking random questions, than for anything serious.

I didn’t even know this was a feature on windows 10.

This was it. I got home and took a look and there it was at the bottom. Thank you!

I use Google’s for hands-free navigation requests or Spotify/YouTube searches while driving. That’s about it. From my end, that’s enough to be reasonably useful, but obviously Amazon expected a lot more commercial value from Alexa, or they wouldn’t have started massively slimming down that division. I assume Microsoft saw even less use of Cortana. There are probably more Alexa devices than Windows phones, and who would use Cortana on a desktop?

Is it because I’m not artistically inclined that these sentences make no sense to me?

I have no idea how anything said there relates to a font. :)

Font Nerds are pretty high-level

Wine nerds vs Type nerds.


That is the thing with fonts. Most people see letters, but as soon as you try to bring it onto a well designed cover or a logo or just a general typeface for your corporate Design, a lot of small details start to matter.

The other thing is that typefaces are mostly just solved for linear, straight lined text but there is still a good amount of variation.

The Discord font for example decided to go from the regular densly inclined angles and a general serious look to just so slightly comic sans with wider curves and wider uppercase letters to feel slightly more playful that regular old Helvetica Neue.

In the past the typeface not only established a brand but also put the designer of the typeface on top of the most prestigious and highest praised roles for design. Mind you, back then, type setting was also a very expensive ordeal all around.

Today everyone wants for most digital text just more Helvetica with slight twists ans Times New Roman when you want to pretend to be a literature club.

The bottom line here is that fonts have a slight emotional Impact on everyone and just gets intensified by the design team that made the decision with fancy mood boards and such. The change of the default typeface of Word (and then outlook?) could be the next generation of “Yea, we actually maintain our software” (my last workplace still handed us Office 2013 because the licensing wasn’t perpetual)

Over the last week, my boot nvme drive – a cheap 1tb off-brand thing I bought at Micro Center 4 years ago – has done more and more crashing to desktop. I can tell it’s the drive because when it reboots/restarts, the boot drive isn’t recognized (it doesn’t even show in the boot order) and I have to actually power off the computer and power back on to boot.

So fine. I get Aomei’s partition program thingy and clone that drive to my other nvme drive (a Samsung 980) that I had been using for Steam games (easy to re-download those, and I backed up saves as needed). Great. Now I can boot from that drive. And then I notice that it’s just a couple of clicks to start the process of converting the 3 of 7 drives I have that are MBR to GPT…which will make my system Win 11 ready.

And…it was honestly easy as pie. Converting the boot drive took the longest, but even that was a snap, and finished in about 35 minutes.

So, I decided to update. And I was shocked at how easy the upgrade was, and also how much at the end I still feel like I’m using good ol’ Windows 10. Seriously, pretty painless all around, except I’ll have to get used to my program icons on my taskbar sitting in the middle instead of left-justified, but whatever.

You can move them to the left. The only major features missing from W11 now are the ability to move the taskbar itself to the top or sides and “never combine icons” in the taskbar, the latter of which is coming in September.

Oh, cool! Just did that, and now I’m feeling especially golden. :)

I’m not sure what all the benefits of Win 11 are (I’ll re-read the thread), but I will say that the ol’ computer seems to have some more pep in its step. Which might be me imagining it, but I’m always keeping multiple Excel files and Word documents open and opening and closing others and they open a lot faster, seems like.

Win11 seems fine to me, with the added bonus of Phone Link which actually mostly works with iPhones now.

Honestly, for anyone running ultrawide or triple monitors (as one screen) the center taskbar is a big quality of life improvement. Left justified made a lot of sense back on 4:3 CRTs that didn’t have high resolutions. It was take it or leave it on a 16:9 laptop screen, but now it’s an active annoyance on anything wider or markedly bigger. Having the option is nice, but centering main UI elements is the right default choice nowadays.

Sure. Probably. :)

But for this guy working on a 32" 16:9 monitor who has done that for the past 7 years (wow, time flies) for 8 hours a day during the work week, I’m happy to not have to relearn those icon placements.

Hey, no argument there. I’m just saying it’s a reasonable default, and our old habits were built around design requirements that have shifted dramatically. Windows 11 also extends window snapping options, but of course you can still use basic fullscreen.

My first “Thanks, I hate it” moment with Windows 11 was discovering I either had to click twice to get to the full context menu on files or shift-right click. Yeesh. Sometimes I joke that 60% of my job is copying/pasting/renaming files and so…yeah.

Thankfully, there’s a registry edit hack to get it to revert back to the classic file context menus on right-click. Crisis averted.

Yeah I used that registry thing too. I realized it was regularly annoying and never helpful.