Windows This One Goes to 11

I had an employee, who I had using a Samsung over the years for both work and personal use, recently leave the organization. She had to get her own phone and went with the iPhone. The very first thing she commented to me on after the switch was how alarming it was that she couldn’t sort her icons where she wanted. Her main reason: she had a personal picture as the wallpaper, there were particular parts that were meaningful to her in the landscape, and she always wanted those parts of the image to be viewable. So, each of her pages were only about 1/3–1/2 full of apps, as a result.

Apple’s decisions are sometimes odd. I mean, I love my iPhones over the years, but just the simple ability to move apps where I want them would be a huge usability boost.

Wait, wasn’t this the Win11 thread? Sorry, carry on.

My own personal pet peeve? How is settings not in the pull-down control center yet? And VPN? And arbitrary shortcuts? C’mon.

Surprising news. Apparently he’s going to take over the Alexa division at Amazon.

There’s a story here. He quit a week before a major announcement he was headlining.

The Surface line seems weirdly zombie like. It seems immune to price pressure, almost devoid of innovation at this point, and just refreshes the hardware every year. There’s almost no marketing anymore, almost no R&D budget (it seems).

Did Panay headline the Surface Phone? That’s was a potentially great product massively marketed to the wrong demographic.

Dude, that reminds me of my Surface Pro 2 that was the MVP for my comp sci studies. Fast PC to compile, write legible notes with a pen, small form factor all around. Loved the thing.

Surfaces were originally intended to spur OEM innovation, like Intel’s NUC. New form factors and such, throwing stuff at the wall. Most of it missed but the surface pro totally hit, then MS invested in hardware as a revenue source too.